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yvs.10 Pankti be thy keeper, Sakvara, Raivata the pair of Samans, Praise songs the thirty threefold and thrice ninefold, both seasons, Winter, Dews, that treasure lustre.
yvs.13 Winter the offspring of Speech.
yvs.13 Pankti sprang from Winter.
yvs.14 27 Sahas, Sahasya, the two Winter Seasons thou art the innermost cement of Agni, etc.
yvs.21 27 With Winter may the Maruts, Gods, praised in the laud of thrice nine parts, The Sakvaris, with strength give might to Indra, sacrifice and life.
yvs.24 11 Smoke coloured ones he sacrifices to Spring; white to Summer; black to the Rains; red ones to Autumn; speckled to Winter; reddish yellow to the Dewy Season.
yvs.24 20 To Spring he offers Kapinjalas; to Summer sparrows; to the Rains partridges; to Autumn quails; to Winter.

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