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yvs.4 37 Such of thy glories as with poured oblations men honour, may they all invest our worship. Wealth giver, furtherer with troops of heroes, sparing the brave, come, Soma, to our houses.
yvs.10 Doer of much, Improver, Wealth increaser! Indra s holt art thou.
yvs.11 21 Wealth giver, Courser, from this place step forth to great felicity.
yvs.12 To the Omnific One All hail! 14 Again let the adityas, Rudras, Yams, and Brahmans with their rites light thee, Wealth bringer! Increase thy body with presented butter: effectual be the Sacrificer s wishes.
yvs.15 19 This one above, Wealth giver; the leader of his host and his chieftain are Senajit and Sushena, and Urvasi and Purvachitti his Apsarases.
yvs.18 Come, Wealth, into the house of him our dear, our well beloved one.
yvs.26 22 He with the Ritus fain would drink, Wealth river, from the Neshtar s bowl.

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