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yvs.1 Bright Waters, flowing forward, foremost drinkers, lead forward now this sacrifice, lead forward the Sacrifice s Lord, the God devoted Lord of the Sacrifice, the liberal giver.
yvs.4 Gracious to me be these Celestial Waters! Protect me, Plant.
yvs.4 Svaha! 7 To Resolution, Motive, Agni, Svaha! All hail to Wisdom, and to Mind, and Agni! All hail to Consecration, Fervour, Agni! Hail to Sarasvati, Pushan, and Agni! Ye vast, divine, all beneficial Waters, ye Heaven and Earth and spacious Air between them, Let us adore Brihaspati with oblation.
yvs.4 12 Waters that we have drunk! become refreshing, become auspicious draughts within our belly.
yvs.6 May the Waters, the Goddesses, add sweetness to the oblation prepared for Gods, even though already sweetened.
yvs.6 13 Bear the oblation to the Gods, ye Waters celestial and pure and well provided.
yvs.6 17 Ye Waters, wash away this stain and whatsoever taint be here, Each sinful act that I have done, and every harmless curse of mine.
yvs.6 May Waters rid me of that guilt, and Pavamana set me free.
yvs.6 Waters have washed together all thy juices.
yvs.6 22 Harm not the Waters, do the Plants no damage.
yvs.6 To us let Waters and let Plants be friendly; to him who hates us, whom we hate, unfriendly.
yvs.6 Hear it the Waters and the Bowls, Divine Ones! Hear, Stones, as knowing sacrifice, my calling.
yvs.6 All hail! 27 Waters Divine, your wave, the Waters offspring, fit for oblation, potent, most delightful Upon those Gods among the Gods bestow it, who drink the pure, of whom ye are the portion.
yvs.8 24 The waters, face of Agni, have I entered, O Waters Child, repelling evil spirits.
yvs.8 All hail! 26 This, O celestial Waters, is your offspring.
yvs.9 Thereon God Savitar promote our dwelling! 6 Amrit is in the Waters, in the Waters healing medicine.
yvs.9 Yea, Horses! at our praises of the Waters grow ye fleet and strong.
yvs.9 Whatever wave, O ye celestial Waters, wealth giving, towering high, and swiftly rushing, is yours, therewith may this man win him riches.
yvs.10 The Waters Lord art thou, giver of kingship. Do thou, etc. The Waters Child art thou, etc.
yvs.10 Self ruling Waters are ye, giving kingship. On So and So do ye bestow the kingdom.
yvs.10 7 Sharers in joy are these majestic Waters, inviolate, industrious, investing.
yvs.10 In these as homes hath Varuna made his dwelling, he, Child of Waters, in the best of mothers.
yvs.11 29 Thou art the Waters back, the womb of Agni, around the ocean as it swells and surges.
yvs.11 38 Pour heavenly Waters honey sweet here for our health, for progeny.
yvs.11 Bearing Purishya Agni on, let him not perish ere his time, Male bearer of male Agni, Child of Waters, Offspring of the Sea.
yvs.11 50 Ye, Waters, are beneficent, so help ye us to energy That we may look on great delight.
yvs.11 52 To you we gladly come for him to whose abode ye lead us on: And, Waters, give us procreant strength.
yvs.12 35 Receive these ashes, ye celestial Waters, and lay them in a fair place full of fragrance.
yvs.12 37 Thou art the offspring of the plants, thou art the offspring of the trees: The offspring thou of all that is, thou, Agni, art the Waters Child, 38 With ashes having reached the womb, the waters, Agni and the earth, United with the mothers, thou blazing hast seated thee again.
yvs.13 May Heaven and Earth, may Waters, Plants and Agnis help, separate, accordant, my precedence.
yvs.13 31 He crept across the three heaven reaching oceans, the Bull of Bricks, the Master of the Waters.
yvs.14 May Heaven and Earth, may Waters, Plants and Agnis help, separate, accordant, my precedence.
yvs.18 The Waters are his Apsarases, named Energies.
yvs.20 18 Waters, Inviolable ones, etc.
yvs.20 To us let Waters, etc.
yvs.22 6 To Agni Hail! To Soma Hail! Hail to the Waters Joy! Hail to Savitar! Hail to Vayu! Hail to Vishnu! Hail to Indra! Hail to Brihaspati! Hail to Mitra! Hail to Varuna! 7 Hail to the sound hi?! Hail to the uttered hi?! Hail to the neigh! Hail to the down neigh! Hail to the snort! Hail to the roar! Hail to his smell! Hail to him smelt at! Hail to him seated! Hail to him seated down! Hail to him weary! Hail to him going! Hail to him sitting! Hail to him lying! Hail to him sleeping! Hail to him waking! Hail to him whinnying! Hail to him wakened! Hail to him yawning! Hail to him outstretched! Hail to him drawn together! Hail to him risen! Hail to his going! Hail to his good going! Hail! 8 Hail to him as he goes! Hail to him running! Hail to him running away! Hail to him when he has run away! Hail to the cry Shoo! Hail to him scared with Shoo! Hail to him seated! Hail to him risen! Hail to his speed! Hail to his strength! Hail to him rolling! Hail to him when he has rolled! Hail to him tossing about! Hail to him when he has tossed about! Hail to him listening! Hail to him hearing.
yvs.24 21 To the Sea he sacrifices porpoises; to Parjanya frogs; to the Waters fishes; to Mitra Kulipayas; to Varuna crocodiles.
yvs.25 The tongue tip for Sarasvati; I gratify the root of the tongue and the palate with his neigh, Vaja with his jaws, the Waters with his mouth, the Stallion with his testicles, the adityas with the beard, Path with his eyebrows, Heaven and Earth with his eyelashes, Lightning with the pupils of his eyes.
yvs.25 With his bright look I please Antara, with his reflection Bahya; the Whirlpool with his head; Thunder with his frontal bone; the Lightning flash with his brain; Lightning with the pupils of his eyes; Hearing with his external ears; Ears with his internal ears; Blood with his lower neck; Waters with the fleshless part of his neck; Thought with the back neck tendons; Aditi with his head; Nirriti with his ragged head; Vital Breathings with his roars; Tempest with his crest.
yvs.25 5 (On the left side) the first rib belongs to Indra Agni; the second to Sarasvati; the third to Mitra; the fourth to the Waters; the fifth to Nirriti; the sixth to Agni Soma; the seventh to the Serpents; the eighth to Vishnu; the ninth to Pushan; the tenth to Tvashtar; the eleventh to Indra; the twelfth to Varuna; the thirteenth to Yama.
yvs.25 7 I gratify Pushan with the rectum; Blindworms with the large intestines; Serpents with the entrails; Worms with the guts; the Waters with the bladder; Scrotum with the testicles; the Vajins with his penis; Offspring with his seed; Blue jays with his bile; Fissures with his arms; Kushmas with his lumps of dung.
yvs.25 9 I gratify Separation with his navel; Butter with his flavour; the Waters with his broth; Sunbeams with his drops of fat; Hoar frost with his heat; Ice with his marrow; Hailstones with his tears; Thunderbolts with the rheum of his eyes; Rakshasas with his blood; Bright things with his limbs; Stars with his beauty; Earth with his skin.
yvs.26 Closely connected Varuna and Waters, may they, etc.
yvs.30 12 For Light a wood bringer; for Brightness a fire kindler; for the Sun s Station a besprinkler; for Highest Heaven a high steward; for the World of Gods a carver; for the World of Men a distributer; for All Worlds a pourer out: for Poverty, Affliction a stirrer up of strife; for Sacrifice a washerwoman; for Delight a female dyer; 13 For Assault a thievish hearted man; for Homicide a slanderer; for Discrimination a door keeper; for Inspection a door keeper s attendant; for Strength a servant; for Plenty a running footman; for the Beloved a sweet speaker; for Safety the rider of a horse; for the World of Svarga a dealer out of portions; for Highest Heaven a high steward; 14 For Passion an iron smelter; for Anger a remover; for Yoking a yoker; for Pain an assailant; for Quiet an unyoker; for Up hill and Down hill one who stands on three legs; for Form a conceited man; for Virtue a female ointment maker; for Nirriti a female scabbard maker; for Yama a barren woman; 15 For Yama a mother of twins; for the Atharvans a woman who has miscarried; for the First Year a gad about; for the Parivatsara one who has not borne a child; for the Idavatsara one who exceeds; for the Idvatsara one who transgresses; for the Vatsara one who is worn out; for the Samvatsara one with grey hair; for the Ribhus a hide dresser; for the Sadhyas a currier; 16 For Lakes a fisherman; for Standing Waters a fisher; for Tank waters a Nishada; for Reed beds a fish vender; for the Opposite Bank one who gropes
yvs.32 The Bright is That; Brahma is That, those Waters, that Prajapati.
yvs.33 49 Indra, Agni, Mitra, Varuna, Aditi, the Waters, Mountains, Maruts, Sky, and Earth and Heaven, Vishnu I call, Pushan and Brahmanaspati, and Bhaga, Samsa, Savitar that they may help. 50 With us are raining Rudras, clouds accordant in call to battle at the death of Vritra, The strong, assigned to him who sings and praises.
yvs.33 90 Within the Waters runs the Moon, he with the beauteous wings, in heaven.
yvs.36 12 May the celestial Waters, our helpers, be sweet for us to drink, And flow with health and strength to us.
yvs.36 14 Ye, Waters, are, etc.
yvs.36 23 To us let Waters and let Plants be friendly, etc.
yvs.38 23 To us let Waters and let Plants be friendly; to him who hates us, whom we hate, unfriendly.
yvs.39 SVaHa to the Vital Breathings with their Controlling Lord! To Earth Svaha! To Agni Svaha! To Firmament, Svaha! To Vayu Svaha! To Sky Svaha! To Surya Svaha! 2 To the Quarters Svaha! To the Moon Svaha! To the Stars Svaha! To the Waters Svaha! To Varuna Svaha! To the Navel Svaha! To the Purified Svaha! 3 To Speech Svaha! To Breath Svaha! To Breath Svaha! To Sight Svaha! To Sight Svaha! To Hearing Svaha! To Hearing Svaha! 4 The wish and purpose of the mind and truth of speech may I obtain.

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