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yvs.1 This Visvakarman.
yvs.8 45 Let us invoke to day, to aid our labour, the Lord of Speech, the thought swift Visvakarman.
yvs.8 For Indra Visvakarman thee.
yvs.8 For Indra Visvakarman thee.
yvs.8 46 With strengthening libation, Visvakarman, thou madest Indra an undying guardian.
yvs.8 Visvakarman in Consecration.
yvs.13 Thy light bestowing head to heaven thou liftest, making thy tongue the oblation bearer, Agni! 16 Steady art thou, sustainer, laid by Visvakarman in thy place.
yvs.13 The Rishi Visvakarman.
yvs.13 By thee, taken by Visvakarman, I take Speech for people.
yvs.14 Wave and drop of waters art thou; and Visvakarman is thy Rishi.
yvs.14 Visvakarman is vital vigour, Parameshthin the metre.
yvs.14 12 On the air s back let Visvakarman set thee, thee the capacious, thee the far extended.
yvs.14 14 On the air s back may Visvakarman set thee luminous.
yvs.17 18 What was the place whereon he took his station? What was it that upheld him? What the manner, Whence Visvakarman, seeing all, producing the earth, with mighty power disclosed the heavens?
yvs.17 21 Thine highest, lowest sacrificial natures, and these thy midmost here, O Visvakarman, Teach thou thy friends at sacrifice, O Blessed, and come thy self, exalted, to our worship. 22 Bring those, thyself exalted with oblation, O Visvakarman, Earth and Heaven to worship. Let enemies around us live in folly: here let us have a rich and liberal patron.
yvs.17 26 Mighty in mind and power is Visvakarman, Maker, Disposer, and most lofty Presence.
yvs.17 32 First was the God engendered, Visvakarman: then the Gandharva sprang to life as second.
yvs.17 78 I dedicate the thought with mind and butter so that the Gods may come who love oblation, strengthing Law, To Visvakarman, Lord of all the earth, I offer up day after day the inviolable sacrifice.
yvs.18 65 There where all never failing streams of honey and of butter flow, May Agni, Visvakarman s own, place us in heaven among the Gods.
yvs.24 17 Called contemporaneous, the dappled belonging to Indra Agni; those with projecting horns to Mahendra; the many coloured to Visvakarman.
yvs.31 17 In the beginning he was formed, collected from waters, earth, and Visvakarman s essence.

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