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yvs.8 O God, thou Lord and Master of the Spirit, bestow All hail! this sacrifice on Vata.
yvs.8 Mitra when purchased; Vishnu Sipivishta when on the Sacrificer s thigh he resteth; Vishnu Naraudhisha brought on the barrow; 56 Soma when come: when seated on the platform, Varuna; Agni in the sacred fire place; Indra upon the sacrificial barrow; Atharvan when deposited for pounding; 57 All Gods when offered in the scattered fragments; Vishnu, the guard of those who soothe his anger, when he is filled and swelling in the waters; Yama in pressing; Vishnu in collection; Vayu what time they cleanse and purify him; the Bright when cleansed; the Bright with milk about him; Manthin commingled with the meal of barley; 58 All Gods when he is drawn away in beakers; Life when uplifted for the fire oblation; Rudra when offered; Vata when reverted; Man viewer when beheld; drink when they drink him; deposited, the Narasamsa Fathers; 59 Sindhu when ready for the bath that cleanses the sea when he is carried to the waters; Water is he when he is plunged beneath it.
yvs.24 35 The book belongs to the Moon; iguana, Kalaka, woodpecker, these belong to the Vanaspatis; the cock belongs to Savitar; the swan is Vata s; crocodile, dolphin, Kulipaya, these belong to the Sea; the porcupine to Modesty.
yvs.25 2 With his breath I gratify Vata; with his outbreath the two Nostrils; with his lower lip the Upayama; with his upper lip Existence.
yvs.38 7 Thee with Svaha to Vata the sea.
yvs.38 Thee with Svaha to Vata the flood.
yvs.38 Thee with Svaha to Vata the unconquerable.
yvs.38 Thee with Svaha to Vata the irresistible.
yvs.38 Thee with Svaha to Vata the protection seeker.
yvs.38 Thee with Svaha to Vata the non destructive.

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