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yvs.7 26 Whatever drop of thine leaps forth, whatever stalk from the bowls lap, shaken by the press stone, From the Adhvaryu s hand or from the filter, that, consecrated in my mind with Vashat I offer unto thee with cry of Svaha! Thou art the way by which the Gods ascended.
yvs.11 Thou unto whom the breath of Gods gives motion, to Ka, yea, unto thee, O God, be Vashat! 40 He, nobly born with lustre, shield and refuge, hath sat down in light.
yvs.19 19 Orders he gains by orders, by apris apris of sacrifice, Post offerings by fore offerings, and by calls of Vashat ahutis.
yvs.19 20 By victims he gains victims, by ground rice cakes sacrificial food, By metres kindling verses, and Vashat calls by Inviting prayers.
yvs.20 fore sentences with inviting texts, inviting texts with Vashat calls, Vashat calls with oblations, and oblations, fulfil my desires, Earth! All hail! 13 My hair is effort and attempt, my skin is reverence and approach.
yvs.21 53 Both Gods, the Hotars of the Gods, the Asvins the Physicians and Sarasvati with Vashat calls, with the two Hotars have bestowed on Indra brilliant light and power, and planted wisdom in his heart.

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