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yvs.2 Varuna lay thee round as keeper.
yvs.2 With rain may Mitra Varuna assist thee.
yvs.3 30 Let not the foeman s curse, let not a mortal s treachery fall on us: Preserve us, Brahmanaspati! 31 Great, heavenly, unassailable, ours be the favour of the Three, Aryaman, Mitra, Varuna.
yvs.4 Truly all these are Varuna s ordinances.
yvs.4 35 Do homage unto Varuna s and Mitra s eye: offer this solemn worship to the Mighty God, Who seeth far away, the Ensign born of Gods.
yvs.4 36 Thou art a prop for Varuna to rest on.
yvs.4 Ye are the pins that strengthen Varuna s pillar.
yvs.4 Thou art the lawful seat where Varuna sitteth.
yvs.4 Sit on the lawful seat where Varuna sitteth.
yvs.5 Dyutana, offspring of the Maruts, plant thee!, Mitra and Varuna with firm upholding.
yvs.5 All hail! from Varuna s noose am I delivered.
yvs.6 All hail! Go thou to Mitra Varuna.
yvs.6 From every place, King Varuna, thence save us.
yvs.6 Their saying that we swear our oath by sacred cows, by Varuna, O Varuna, save us therefrom.
yvs.6 Indra and Agni s share are ye, Mitra and Varuna s share are ye.
yvs.7 9 This Soma hath been shed for you, Law strengtheners, Mitra Varuna! Here listen ye to this my call.
yvs.7 For Mitra thee, for Varuna.
yvs.7 10 May we, possessing much, delight in riches, Gods in oblation, and the kine in pasture; And that Milch cow who shrinks not from the milking, O Indra Varuna, give to us daily.
yvs.7 This is the first all bounteous Consecration: he the first, Varuna, Mitra, and Agni.
yvs.7 23 For Mitra Varuna thee, the Gods protector, yea, for the sacrifice s life I take thee.
yvs.7 For Indra Varuna, thee, etc.
yvs.7 All hail! 42 The brilliant presence of the Gods hath risen, the eye of Mitra, Varuna, and Agni.
yvs.7 47 To Agni, yea, to me let Varuna give thee.
yvs.7 To Rudra, yea, to me let Varuna for ever.
yvs.7 To me Brihaspati let Varuna for ever.
yvs.7 To Varna, yea, to me let Varuna for ever.
yvs.8 To Varuna be reverential homage! Varuna s noose beneath our feet is trampled.
yvs.8 37 Indra chief Lord and Varuna the Sovran have made this draught of thine the first and foremost.
yvs.8 Mitra when purchased; Vishnu Sipivishta when on the Sacrificer s thigh he resteth; Vishnu Naraudhisha brought on the barrow; 56 Soma when come: when seated on the platform, Varuna; Agni in the sacred fire place; Indra upon the sacrificial barrow; Atharvan when deposited for pounding; 57 All Gods when offered in the scattered fragments; Vishnu, the guard of those who soothe his anger, when he is filled and swelling in the waters; Yama in pressing; Vishnu in collection; Vayu what time they cleanse and purify him; the Bright when cleansed; the Bright with milk about him; Manthin commingled with the meal of barley; 58 All Gods when he is drawn away in beakers; Life when uplifted for the fire oblation; Rudra when offered; Vata when reverted; Man viewer when beheld; drink when they drink him; deposited, the Narasamsa Fathers; 59 Sindhu when ready for the bath that cleanses the sea when he is carried to the waters; Water is he when he is plunged beneath it.
yvs.8 To those most mighty hath it gone, most manly in vigour, by whose strength the worlds were stablished, Who rule as Lords resistless in their grandeur, Vishnu and Varuna, at the prayer of morning.
yvs.9 With decasyllabic metre Varuna won Viraj: may I win that.
yvs.9 All hail! To Gods whose guide is Agni, to the eastward seated Gods, All hail! To Gods whose guide is Yama, to the southward seated Gods, All hail! To Gods whose guides are the All Gods, those who are seated westward, Hail! Hail to the northward seated Gods, to those whose guides are Mitra and Varuna or the Marut host! To Gods whose guide is Soma, who, worshipful, sit on high, All hail! 36 Gods who have Agni as their guide, whose seat is eastward, Hail to them! Gods who have Yama as their guide, whose seat is southward, Hail to them! Gods who have All Gods as their guides, whose seat is westward, Hail to them! Gods who have Mitra Varuna for guides, north seated, Hail to them! Gods who have Soma as their guide, high seated, worshipful, Hail to them! 37 Agni, subdue opposing bands and drive our enemies away.
yvs.9 39 Savitar quicken thee for sway of rulers, Agni of householders, of the trees Soma, Brihaspati of Speech, for lordship Indra, Rudra for cattle, Mitra for true speaking, Varuna for the sway of Law s protectors.
yvs.10 THE Gods drew waters with their store of sweetness, succulent and observant, king creating, Wherewith they sprinkled Varuna and Mitra, wherewith they guided Indra past his foemen.
yvs.10 To Agni Hail! To Soma Hail! To Savitar Hail! To Sarasvati Hail! To Pushan Hail! To Brihaspati Hail! To Indra Hail! To the Noise Hail! To Fame Hail To Amsa Hail! To Bhaga Hail! To Aryaman Hail! 6 Ye are two strainers, Varuna s own possession.
yvs.10 In these as homes hath Varuna made his dwelling, he, Child of Waters, in the best of mothers.
yvs.10 Mitra s art thou, thou Varuna s possession.
yvs.10 Informed are Mitra Varuna, Law Maintainers.
yvs.10 Ascend your car, O Varuna and Mitra: thence view infinity and limitation.
yvs.10 Thou art Mitra, thou art Varuna.
yvs.10 I by the direction of Mitra Varuna, Directors, yoke thee.
yvs.10 26 Fair art thou, good to sit on, womb of kingship. Sit on the fair one, sit on that which offers a pleasant seat: sit in the womb of kingship. 27 Varuna, Law s maintainer, hath sat down among his people, he Most wise, for universal sway.
yvs.10 Brahman! Thou art Brahman, Savitar art thou, faithful in impulsion, Varuna art thou, he whose power is real.
yvs.10 30 I creep forth urged onward by Savitar the Impeller; by Sarasvati, Speech; by Tvashtar, created forms; by Pushan, cattle; by this Indra; by Brihaspati, Devotion; by Varuna, Power; by Agni, Brilliance; by Soma, the King; by Vishnu the tenth Deity.
yvs.11 May Varuna make thee odorous.
yvs.12 12 Varuna, from the upmost bond release us, let down the lowest and remove the midmost.
yvs.12 71 The keen shared plough that bringeth bliss, good for the Soma drinker s need, Shear out for me a cow, a sheep, a rapid drawer of the car, a blooming woman, plump and strong! 72 Milk out their wish, O Wishing Cow, to Mitra and to Varuna, To Indra, to the Asvins, to Pushan, to people and to plants.
yvs.12 89 Let fruitful Plants, and fruitless, those that blossom, and the blossomless, Urged onward by Brihaspati, release us from our pain and grief; 90 Release me from the curse s plague and woe that comes from Varuna; Free me from Yama s fetter, from sin and offence against the Gods.
yvs.13 42 The wind s impetuous rush, Varuna s navel! the horse that springs to life amid the waters! The rivers tawny child, based on the mountain, harm not, O Agni, in the loftiest region.
yvs.13 Forming thyself with joints in proper order, harm not the Cow, Aditi widely ruling! 44 Her who is Tvashtar s guardian, Varuna s navel, the Ewe brought forth from out the loftiest region, The Asura s mighty thousandfold contrivance, injure not in the highest sphere, O Agni.
yvs.13 46 The brilliant presence of the Gods hath risen, the eye of Mitra, Varuna, and Agni.
yvs.13 50 This creature clothed in wool, Varuna s navel, the skin of animals quadruped and biped, The first that was produced of Tvashtar s creatures, O Agni, harm not in the highest region.
yvs.14 The Deity Varuna.
yvs.14 Thou art the share of Mitra, the sovranty of Varuna.
yvs.14 Varuna was over lord.
yvs.15 Varuna is thy warder off of missiles.
yvs.17 41 Ours be the potent host of mighty Indra, King Varuna, and Maruts, and adityas.
yvs.17 Varuna give thee what is more than ample, and in thy triumph may the Gods be joyful.
yvs.18 17 May my Mitra and my Indra, and my Varuna and my Indra, and my Dhatar and my Indra, and my Maruts and my Indra, and my All Gods and my Indra prosper by sacrifice.
yvs.18 19 May my Amsu and my Rasmi, and my Adhipati and my Upamsu, and my Antaryama and my Aindra Vayava, and my Maitra Varuna, and my asvina and my Pratiprasthana, and my Sukra and my Manthin proper by sacrifice.
yvs.18 Varuna, stay thou here and be not angry: steal not our life from us, O thou Wide Ruler.
yvs.19 Sarasvati, Savitar, Varuna, the Asvins span sacrifice and healed his form for Indra.
yvs.19 Varuna, doctoring the lungs and liver, forms, as with Vayu cups, the gall and kidneys.
yvs.19 King Varuna with waters wealthy essence begetting Indra in the floods for glory.
yvs.20 2 Varuna, Law s maintainer, hath sat down, etc.
yvs.20 70 Indra whom Bhaga, Savitar, and Varuna supplied with power, Lord of the sacrifice, may he, Good Guardian, love the worshipper.
yvs.20 71 Savitar, Varuna bestow gifts on the liberal offerer, Strength, power and treasure which the Good Protector took from Namuchi! 72 Varuna giving sway and power, Savitar grace with happiness, The Good Protector giving strength with fame, obtained the sacrifice.
yvs.21 3 Do thou who knowest Varuna, O Agni, put far away from us the God s displeasure.
yvs.21 Reconcile Varuna to us, be bounteous: show thy compassion and be swift to hear us.
yvs.21 8 O Mitra Varuna, gracious Pair, with fatness dew our pasturage, With mead the regions of the air.
yvs.21 Ye Youthful, make us famed among the people: hear, Mitra Varuna, these mine invocations.
yvs.21 20 Tvashtar the wondrous, full of seed, Indragni furtherers of weal, Dvipada metre, and a cow and vigorous bull give power and life! 21 Our slaughterer, Vanaspati, Savitar who promoteth wealth, The metre Kakup, here, a cow who casts her calf, give power and life! 22 With Svaha mighty Varuna give healing power to Sacrifice! The Atichhandas, Brihat, and a steer and bull give power and life! 23 With the Spring Season may the Gods the Vasus praised with triple hymn And with Rathantara, give life to Indra, splendour, sacrifice.
yvs.21 Savitar, Varuna Lord of Physicians.
yvs.21 There where the favourite stations of the Asvins are, of the he goat the sacrifice; of Sarasvati, of the ram the sacrifice; of Indra, of the bull the sacrifice; there where the favourite stations of Agni are, of Soma, of Indra the Good Deliverer, of Savitar, of Varuna, the favourite places of Vanaspati, the favourite stations of Gods who drink clarified butter, and of Agni the Hotar, there let him arrange these victims when he has praised and lauded them, and perform when he has made them very strong.
yvs.21 Svishtakrit has been well worshipped, Indra Good Deliverer, Savitar, Varuna the Physician have been worshipped.
yvs.22 With fury Varuna attacks the man who fain would slay the steed.
yvs.22 6 To Agni Hail! To Soma Hail! Hail to the Waters Joy! Hail to Savitar! Hail to Vayu! Hail to Vishnu! Hail to Indra! Hail to Brihaspati! Hail to Mitra! Hail to Varuna! 7 Hail to the sound hi?! Hail to the uttered hi?! Hail to the neigh! Hail to the down neigh! Hail to the snort! Hail to the roar! Hail to his smell! Hail to him smelt at! Hail to him seated! Hail to him seated down! Hail to him weary! Hail to him going! Hail to him sitting! Hail to him lying! Hail to him sleeping! Hail to him waking! Hail to him whinnying! Hail to him wakened! Hail to him yawning! Hail to him outstretched! Hail to him drawn together! Hail to him risen! Hail to his going! Hail to his good going! Hail! 8 Hail to him as he goes! Hail to him running! Hail to him running away! Hail to him when he has run away! Hail to the cry Shoo! Hail to him scared with Shoo! Hail to him seated! Hail to him risen! Hail to his speed! Hail to his strength! Hail to him rolling! Hail to him when he has rolled! Hail to him tossing about! Hail to him when he has tossed about! Hail to him listening! Hail to him hearing.
yvs.24 The brown, the ruddy brown, the parrot brown, these are Varuna s.
yvs.24 She goats speckled, with small spots, with big spots, these belong to Mitra Varuna.
yvs.24 8 Variegated, Indra Agni s; two coloured, Agni Soma s; dwarf oxen, Agni Vishnu s; barren cows, Mitra Varuna s; partly variegated, Mitra s.
yvs.24 15 Called contemporary, the dappled belong to Indra Agni; black ones to Varuna; speckled to the Maruts; hornless he goats to Ka.
yvs.24 21 To the Sea he sacrifices porpoises; to Parjanya frogs; to the Waters fishes; to Mitra Kulipayas; to Varuna crocodiles.
yvs.24 22 To Soma he sacrifices wild geese; to Vayu female cranes; to Indra Agni curlews; to Mitra divers; to Varuna Chakravakas.
yvs.24 23 To Agni he sacrifices cocks; to Vanaspatis owls; to Agni Soma blue jays; to the Asvins peacocks; to Mitra Varuna pigeons.
yvs.24 27 To the Vasus he sacrifices black bucks; to the Rudras stags; to the adityas Nyanku deer; to the All Gods spotted deer; to the Sadhyas Kulinga antelopes, 28 To isana he sacrifices wild asses; to Mitra Gauras; to Varuna buffaloes; to Brihaspati Gayals; to Tvashtar camels.
yvs.24 30 To Prajapati and to Vayu a Gayal is to be offered; to Varuna a wild ram; to Yama a black ram; to a human king a monkey; to the Tiger a red doe; to the Bull a female Gayal, to the Kshiprasyena a quail; to the Nilangu a worm; to the Sea a porpoise; to the Snowy Mountain an elephant.
yvs.24 38 The frog belongs to the Seasons; the vole, the rat, the mouse, these are the Fathers; the Python, the Balava belong to the Vasus; Kapinjala, pigeons owl, hare belong to Nirriti; the wild ram to Varuna.
yvs.25 4 The first rib is Agni s; the second Vayu s; the third Indra s; the fourth Soma s; the fifth Aditi s; the sixth Indrani s; the seventh the Maruts; the eighth Brihaspati s; the ninth Aryaman s; the tenth Dhatar s; the eleventh Indra s; the twelfth Varuna s; the thirteenth Yama s.
yvs.25 5 (On the left side) the first rib belongs to Indra Agni; the second to Sarasvati; the third to Mitra; the fourth to the Waters; the fifth to Nirriti; the sixth to Agni Soma; the seventh to the Serpents; the eighth to Vishnu; the ninth to Pushan; the tenth to Tvashtar; the eleventh to Indra; the twelfth to Varuna; the thirteenth to Yama.
yvs.25 I gratify the two Curlews with the hips; Indra Brihaspati with the thighs; Mitra Varuna with the groins; Approach with the buttocks; Strength with the two cavities of the loins.
yvs.25 16 We call them hither with a hymn of olden time, Bhaga, the friendly Daksha, Mitra, Aditi, Aryaman, Varuna, Soma, the Asvins.
yvs.25 24 Slight us not Varuna, Aryaman, or Mitra, Ribhukshan, Indra, ayu, or the Maruts, When we declare amid the congregation the virtues of the Strong Steed, God descended.
yvs.26 Closely connected Varuna and Waters, may they, etc.
yvs.26 17 Finder of room and freedom, flow for Indra, meet for worship, flow For Varuna and the Marut host.
yvs.28 Mitra and Varuna alone deserve to be his Hotar Priests, Brihaspati his Chanter, and the Asvins his Adhvaryavas.
yvs.28 34 Let the Priest offer worship to the Svahakriti Goddesses, to Agni Household Lord apart, to Varuna the Leech and Sage.
yvs.29 6 Your two Dawns rich in gold and varied colour, travelling on between Varuna and Mitra, Acquainted with the face of sacrifices, I settle here within the home of Order.
yvs.29 To me thou seemest Varuna, O Courser, there where they say is thy sublimest birthplace.
yvs.29 54 Thou bolt of Indra, Vanguard of the Maruts, close knit to Varuna and Child of Mitra, As such, accepting gifts which here we offer, receive, O Godlike Chariot, these oblations.
yvs.29 58 The black necked victim belongs to Agni; the ewe to Sarasvati; the brown victim is Soma s; the dusky Pushan s; the white backed is Brihaspati s; the dappled belongs to the All Gods; the red to Indra; the spotted to the Maruts; the strong bodied to Indra Agni; one with white marks below to Savitar; to Varuna a black ram with one white foot 59 To Agni Anikavan is sacrificed a red marked ox; two with white spots below are for Savitar; two with silvery navels for Pushan; two yellow hornless he goats for the All Gods; a spotted one for the Maruts; the black faced he goat is Agni s; the ewe is Sarasvati s; the ram is Varuna s.
yvs.29 60 To Agni of the Gayatri, of the Trivrit hymn and of the Rathantara Saman is to be offered a rice cake on eight potsherds; to Indra of the Trishtup, the Panchadasa hymn and the Brihat Saman one on eleven potsherds; to the All Gods of the Jagati, the Seventeenfold hymn and the Vairupa Saman, one on twelve potsherds; to Mitra Varuna of the Anushtup, the Ekavimsa hymn, and the Vairaja Saman, a mess of curdled milk; to Brihaspati of the Pankti metre, the Trinava hymn, and the Sakvara Saman, an oblation of rice boded in milk; to Savitar of the Ushnih, the Thirty threefold hymn, and the Raivata Saman, a rice cake on eight potsherds; a mess of boiled rice is to be made for Prajapati; the same for Vishnu s Consort Aditi; to Agni Vaisvanara is to be offered a rice cake on twelve potsherds, and to Anumati one on eight.
yvs.32 All hail! 15 Varuna grant me wisdom! grant it Agni and Prajapati! Wisdom may Indra, Vayu grant.
yvs.33 Bring to us Mitra Varuna, bring the Gods to the great sacrifice; Bring them, O Agni, to thine home.
yvs.33 17 In great enkindled Agni s keeping and, for bliss, free from all sin before Mitra and Varuna, May we share Savitar s best animating help. We crave this gracious favour of the Gods to day.
yvs.33 32 Pure Varuna, with that same eye wherewith thou lookest upon one Actively stirring mid the folk 33 Ye two divine Adhvaryus, come hither upon a sun bright car: Bedew our sacrifice with stead.
yvs.33 38 In the sky s lap the Sun this form assumeth that Varuna and Mitra may behold it.
yvs.33 This boon may Varuna and Mitra grant us, and Aditi and Sindhu, Earth and Heaven.
yvs.33 46 Be Varuna our chief defence, let Mitra guard us with all aids: Both make us rich exceedingly! 47 Regard us, Indra, Vishnu, here, ye Asvins, and the Marut host, us who are kith and kin to you.
yvs.33 48 O Agni, Indra, Varuna, and Mitra, give, O ye Gods, and Marut host, and Vishnu.
yvs.33 49 Indra, Agni, Mitra, Varuna, Aditi, the Waters, Mountains, Maruts, Sky, and Earth and Heaven, Vishnu I call, Pushan and Brahmanaspati, and Bhaga, Samsa, Savitar that they may help. 50 With us are raining Rudras, clouds accordant in call to battle at the death of Vritra, The strong, assigned to him who sings and praises.
yvs.33 57 Mitra of holy strength I call, and foe destroying Varuna, Who make the oil fed rite complete.
yvs.33 87 Yea, specially that mortal man hath toiled for service of the Gods, Who quickly hath brought near Mitra and Varuna to share his sacrificial gifts.
yvs.34 This prayer of ours may Varuna grant, and Mitra, and Aditi and Sindhu, Earth and Heaven.
yvs.34 34 Agni at dawn, and Indra we invoke at dawn, and Varuna and Mitra and the Asvins twain, Bhaga at dawn, Pushan and Brahmanaspati, Soma at dawn, Rudra may we invoke at dawn.
yvs.34 Lovers of holy song, light up. 45 Filled full of fatness, compassing all things that be, wide, spacious, dropping meath, beautiful in their form, The Heaven and the Earth by Varuna s decree, unwasting, rich in seed, stand parted each from each.
yvs.34 May Mitra, Aryaman, and Bhaga hear us, the mighty Varuna, Daksha, and Amsa.
yvs.34 Wherein Indra and Varuna, Mitra, Aryaman, the Gods have made their dwelling place.
yvs.36 9 Gracious he Mitra unto us, and Varuna and Aryaman; Indra, Brihaspati be kind, and Vishnu of the mighty stride.
yvs.36 Befriend us with their aids Indra and Agni, Indra and Varuna who taste oblations.
yvs.39 SVaHa to the Vital Breathings with their Controlling Lord! To Earth Svaha! To Agni Svaha! To Firmament, Svaha! To Vayu Svaha! To Sky Svaha! To Surya Svaha! 2 To the Quarters Svaha! To the Moon Svaha! To the Stars Svaha! To the Waters Svaha! To Varuna Svaha! To the Navel Svaha! To the Purified Svaha! 3 To Speech Svaha! To Breath Svaha! To Breath Svaha! To Sight Svaha! To Sight Svaha! To Hearing Svaha! To Hearing Svaha! 4 The wish and purpose of the mind and truth of speech may I obtain.
yvs.39 6 Savitar on the first day; Agni on the second; Vayu on the third; aditya (the Sun) on the fourth; Chandramas (the Moon) on the fifth; Ritu on the sixth; the Maruts on the seventh; Brihaspati on the eighth; Mitra on the ninth; Varuna on the tenth; Indra on the eleventh; the All Gods on the twelfth.

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