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yvs.20 65 Praising with foaming liquor at due times, Indra, Vanaspati, Sarasvati as cow gave forth sweet beverage with the Asvins Twain.
yvs.21 20 Tvashtar the wondrous, full of seed, Indragni furtherers of weal, Dvipada metre, and a cow and vigorous bull give power and life! 21 Our slaughterer, Vanaspati, Savitar who promoteth wealth, The metre Kakup, here, a cow who casts her calf, give power and life! 22 With Svaha mighty Varuna give healing power to Sacrifice! The Atichhandas, Brihat, and a steer and bull give power and life! 23 With the Spring Season may the Gods the Vasus praised with triple hymn And with Rathantara, give life to Indra, splendour, sacrifice.
yvs.21 39 Let the Hotar worship Vanaspati the Immolator, the Lord of Hundred Powers, and awful Passion, the King, the Tiger, and the Asvins, with reverence.
yvs.21 Svaha! Vanaspati, beloved, food and medicine.
yvs.21 46 Let the Hotar worship Vanaspati.
yvs.21 There where the favourite stations of the Asvins are, of the he goat the sacrifice; of Sarasvati, of the ram the sacrifice; of Indra, of the bull the sacrifice; there where the favourite stations of Agni are, of Soma, of Indra the Good Deliverer, of Savitar, of Varuna, the favourite places of Vanaspati, the favourite stations of Gods who drink clarified butter, and of Agni the Hotar, there let him arrange these victims when he has praised and lauded them, and perform when he has made them very strong.
yvs.21 Let divine Vanaspati accept.
yvs.21 56 God with the Gods, Vanaspati of golden leaves and goodly fruit Ripens till Indra finds it sweet, with Asvins and Sarasvati.
yvs.21 The God Vanaspati, the Gods who drink clarified butter have been well worshipped, Agni by Agni.
yvs.21 60 To day the divine Vanaspati has done good service to the Asvins with a goat, to Sarasvati with a ram, to Indra with a bull.
yvs.27 21 Vanaspati, presenting of thyself, send God ward! Let Agni, Immolator, season our oblation.
yvs.28 20 Vanaspati, a God with Gods, with golden leaves, sweet boughs, fair fruit, hath heightened radiant Indra s strength.
yvs.28 To day divine Vanaspati hath with a goat served Indra well.
yvs.28 33 Let the Priest serve with sacrifice the Forest Lord Vanaspati, the Immolator, hundred powered, praise worthy, golden leafed, who wears the girdle, loved, the gracious Lord, Indra who gives the strength of life, Giving him Kakup metre, mighty power, a barren, a calf slipping cow, and vital vigour.
yvs.28 To day divine Vanaspati, etc.
yvs.29 To the Gods world Vanaspati, well knowing, bear our oblations which the fire has tasted! 11 Thou, waxing by Prajapati s strong fervour, born quickly, guardest sacrifice, O Agni.
yvs.29 Agni, Vanaspati, the Immolator sweeten our offered gift with mead and butter.

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