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yvs.9 May Vak the Goddess give to us.
yvs.9 To Vak Sarasvati s controlling guidance, hers the controlling leader, I consign thee.
yvs.14 Vak metre.
yvs.18 37 Thee by the radiant Savitar s impulsion, with arms of Asvins, with the hands of Pushan, Controlled by Vak Sarasvati s Controller, with Agni s sole dominion I besprinkle.
yvs.21 58 Let the God Agni Svishtakrit worship the Gods as is meet and right for each, the two Hotars, Indra, the Asvins, Vak with speech, Sarasvati, Agni, Soma.
yvs.24 5 Parti coloured female victims belong to the All Gods; red coloured, eighteen mouths old to Vak; victims without distinguishing marks to Aditi; those of one same colour to Dhatar; weaned kids sacred to the Consorts of the Gods.
yvs.24 29 To Prajapati he sacrifices men elephants; to Vak white ants; to Sight flies; to Hearing black bees.
yvs.24 31 The Kinnara belongs to Prajapati; the Ula, the Halikshna, the cat belong to Dhatar; the heron belongs to the Quarters; the Dhunksha to Agni; sparrow, red snake, Saras, these are Tvashtar s; the curlew belongs to Vak.
yvs.39 Svaha! 5 Prajapati while in preparation; Samraj when prepared; All Gods when seated; Gharma when heated with fire; Splendour when lifted up; the Asvins while milk is poured in; Pushan s when the butter trickles down it; the Maruts when the milk is clotting; Mitra s when the milk s skin is spreading; Vayu s when it is carried off; Agni s while offered as oblation; Vak when it has been offered.

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