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yvs.9 In gain of wealth we celebrate with praises her, Aditi by name, the Mighty Mother, On whom this Universe of life hath settled.
yvs.20 This Universe all comes again.
yvs.23 49 Friend of the Gods, I ask, for information, if thou in spirit hast obtained the knowledge, Hath Vishnu this whole Universe pervaded in the three steps wherein the God is worshipped? 50 I also am in those three steps of Vishnu wherewith this Universe he permeated.
yvs.31 Wishing, wish yonder world for me, wish that the Universe be mine.
yvs.36 52, 17 Sky alleviation, Air alleviation, Earth alleviation, Plants alleviation, Trees alleviation, All Gods alleviation, Brahma alleviation, Universe alleviation, just Alleviation alleviation may that alleviation come to me! 18 Caldron, strengthen me.

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