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yvs.14 15 Two Rainy Seasons, Nabhas and Nabhasya thou art the innermost cement of Agni, etc.
yvs.21 49 The Doors, the Doors divine, the Two Asvins, Leeches, Sarasvati May they give breath to Indra in his nostrils, and heroic strength.
yvs.22 All hail! 34 Hail to One! Hail to Two! Hail to Hundred! Hail to Hundred and One! Hail to Daybreak! Hail to Heaven!
yvs.23 33 Gayatri, Trishtup, Jagati, and Pankti with Anushtup joined, Brihati, Kakup, Ushniha pacify thee with needle points! 34 Two footed, those that have four feet, those with three feet and those with five, Metteless, with one metre; these pacify thee with needle points! 35 May Mahanamnis, Revatis, all far spread Regions of the sky, Voices, and lightnings from the cloud pacify thee with needle points! 36 May married dames of human birth skilfully separate thy hair: The Regions, Consorts of the Gods, pacify thee with needle points!
yvs.28 15 Two Goddesses, wealth givers, kind, have heightened radiant Indra s strength.
yvs.33 5 To fair goals travel Two unlike in semblance: each in succession nourishes an infant.

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