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yvs.20 36 Kindred in forefront of the Mornings, Indra with forward light, long active, waxing mighty, With three and thirty Gods, the Thunder wielder, smote.
yvs.20 Fort render, Cowpen cleaver, Thunder wielder, may he approach our sacrifice rejoicing 39 May Indra, Lord of Bays, sit by direction eastward on earth, accepting our oblation, And sacred grass, fair, far spread, widely stretching, anointed by adityas and by Vasus.
yvs.25 With his bright look I please Antara, with his reflection Bahya; the Whirlpool with his head; Thunder with his frontal bone; the Lightning flash with his brain; Lightning with the pupils of his eyes; Hearing with his external ears; Ears with his internal ears; Blood with his lower neck; Waters with the fleshless part of his neck; Thought with the back neck tendons; Aditi with his head; Nirriti with his ragged head; Vital Breathings with his roars; Tempest with his crest.
yvs.29 56 Thunder out strength and fill us fall of vigour: yea, thunder forth and drive away all dangers.

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