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yvs.4 4 Purify me the Lord of Thought! Purify me the Lord of Speech! Purify me God Savitar with perfect strainer, with the beams of Surya!
yvs.4 15 Thought hath returned to me, and life; my breath and soul have come again.
yvs.4 19 Thought art thou, mind, intelligence, the Guerdon, royal, worshipful, Aditi with a double head.
yvs.5 The Thought swift guard thee on the right with Fathers.
yvs.11 Motive, Hail! Mind, Wisdom, Agni, Motive, Hail! Thought, Knowledge, Agni, Motive, Hail! Rule of Speech, Agni, Motive, Hail! To Manu Lord of creatures, Hail! To Agni dear to all men, Hail! 67 May every mortal man elect the friendship of the guiding God.
yvs.25 With his bright look I please Antara, with his reflection Bahya; the Whirlpool with his head; Thunder with his frontal bone; the Lightning flash with his brain; Lightning with the pupils of his eyes; Hearing with his external ears; Ears with his internal ears; Blood with his lower neck; Waters with the fleshless part of his neck; Thought with the back neck tendons; Aditi with his head; Nirriti with his ragged head; Vital Breathings with his roars; Tempest with his crest.

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