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yvs.19 Sura the strong art thou.
yvs.19 Three nights with Sura poured, this is the symbol of the Upasads.
yvs.19 16 The Sacrificer s seat is the throne s symbol, the jar containing Sura of the Altar.
yvs.19 33 All essence of thine own in plants collected, all strength of Soma when poured out with Sura Therewith impel with joy the sacrifice, Sarasvati, the Asvins, Indra, Agni.
yvs.19 84 By milk they generated bright immortal, productive seed, by Sura seed from urine, Chasing afar folly and ill intention, crude food and wind and meat that loads the stomach.
yvs.20 In the brown Sura s ecstasy he says What art thou? What art thou? 29 Indra, at morn accept our cake accompanied with grain and groats, with wheaten bread and hymns of praise.
yvs.21 A ram with Sura a salutary remedy, Sarasvati the Physician, the golden car of the Asvins, the victim s omentum, with jujube fruit, Indra grains, and rice sprouts, become a salutary remedy, the manly strength of Indra, milk, Soma.
yvs.21 Vigour, speed, power, a fierce wolf as physician, fame with Sura is a medicine, Masara with grace.
yvs.21 59 To day this Sacrificer cooking viands, cooking sacrificial rice cakes, binding a goat for the Asvins, a ram for Sarasvati, a hull for Indra, pressing Sura and Soma juices for the Asvins, Sarasvati, and Indra the Good Deliverer, has chosen Agni as Hotar.
yvs.21 The Agnis, Sarasvati, and Indra have drunk the Sura and Soma draughts.
yvs.30 Knowledge an inquisitive man; for Desire of extra Knowledge an extra inquisitive man; for Moral Law a question solver; 11 For Eye diseases an elephant keeper; for Speed a horse keeper; for Nourishment a cowherd; for Manliness a shepherd; for Keenness a goatherd; for Refreshment a ploughman; for Sweet Beverage a preparer of Sura; for Weal a house guard; for Well being a possessor of wealth; for Supervision a doorkeeper s attendant;

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