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yvs.3 54 The spirit comes to us again for wisdom, energy, and life, That we may long behold the Sun.
yvs.6 May waters gathered near the Sun, and those wherewith the Sun is joined, Speed on this sacred rite of ours.
yvs.6 23 Thee for the heart, thee for the mind, thee for the heaven, thee for the Sun.
yvs.7 Soul of all moving, soul of all that moves not, the Sun hath filled the air and earth and heaven.
yvs.8 I saw the Sun both from above and under.
yvs.8 King Vat tins hath made a spacious pathway, a pathway for the Sun wherein to travel.
yvs.9 as above: 3 The strength arousing essence of the waters, gathered in the Sun, Essence of waters essence, that, most excellent, I take for you.
yvs.12 34 Far famed is this the Bharata s own Agni: he shineth like the Sun with lofty splendour.
yvs.12 71 The year together with the darksome fortnights; Dawn with the ruddy coloured cows about her; the Asvins with their wonderful achievements; the Sun together with his dappled Courser; Vaisvanara with Ida and with butter.
yvs.13 8 Or those that are in heaven s bright sphere, or those that dwell in the Sun s beams: Serpents, whose home has been prepared in waters, homage unto them! 9 Put forth like a wide spreading net thy vigour: go like a mighty King with his attendants.
yvs.13 22 Thy lights, O Agni, in the Sun that with their beams overspread the sky, With all of those assist thou us to day to light and progeny.
yvs.13 Lights of yours in the Sun, O Gods, or lights that are in kine and steeds, O Indra Agni, with all those vouchsafe us light, Brihaspati! 24 The Far.
yvs.13 29 May the tall tree be full of sweets for us and, and full of sweets the Sun: May our milch kine be sweet for us.
yvs.13 The soul of all that moveth not or moveth, the Sun hath filled the air, and earth and heaven.
yvs.17 84 To day in this our sacrifice be present, Such, Looking Thus, Same, Similar in appearance, Measured, Commensurate, Joint Bearers, Maruts! 85 Self Powerful, Voracious One, Kin to the Sun, The House holder, Play Lover, Mighty, Conqueror.
yvs.18 40 The Highly Blessed, the Moon whose rays are like the Sun s, is the Gandharva.
yvs.18 Seeker of aid art thou, receiving worship. Blow on me, etc. 46 Thy lights, O Agni, in the Sun, etc.
yvs.18 47 Lights of yours in the Sun, O Gods, etc.
yvs.20 Earth comes again, the Dawn, the Sun.
yvs.22 18 Yea, Pavamana, thou didst generate the Sun and spread the moisture out with power, Basting to us with plenty vivified with milk.
yvs.22 23 Hail to the lunar asterisms! Hail to those connected with the lunar asterisms! Hail to Day and Night! Hail to the half months! Hail to the mouths! Hail to the Seasons! Hail to the Season groups! Hail to the Year! Hail to Heaven and Earth! Hail to the Moon! Hail to the Sun! Hail to his rays! Hail to the Vasus! Hail to the Rudras! Hail to the adityas! Hail to the Maruts! Earl to the All Gods! Hail to roots! Hail to branches! Hail to forest trees! Hail to flowers! Hail to fruits! Hail to herbs! 29 Hail to Earth! Hail to Firmament t Hail to Sky! Hail to Sun! Hail to Moon! Hail to lunar asterisms! Hail to waters! Hail to herbs! Hail to forest trees! Hail to creatures that swim! Hail to things moving and stationary! Hail to things that creep and crawl! 30 Hail to breath! Hail to the Vasu! Hail to the Mighty! Hail to Vivasvan! Hail to the trooping one! Hail to the Troop s Lord! Hail to the Superior! Hail to the Overlord! Hail to Strength! Hail to Samsarpa! Hail to the Moon! Hail to light! Hail to Malimlucha! Hail to him who flies by day! 31 Hail to Madhu! Hail to Madhava! Hail to Sukra! Hail to Suchi! Hail to Nabhas! Hail to Nabhasya! Hail to Isha! Hail to urja! Hail to Sahas! Hail to Sahasya! Hail to Tapas! Hail to Tapasya! Hail to Amhasaspati! 32 Hail to Strength! Hail to impulse! Hail to After born! Hail to will! Heaven, Hail? Hail to the head! Hail to Vyasnuvin! To the final, Hail! Hail to the mundane final! Hail to the Lord of the world! Hail to the Overlord! Hail to the
yvs.23 9 Who moveth single and alone? Who is brought forth to life again? What is the remedy of cold, or what the great receptacle? 10 The Sun moves single and alone.
yvs.23 46 The Sun moves singly, etc.
yvs.25 20 The Maruts, Sons of Prisni, borne by spotted steeds, moving in glory, oft visiting holy rites, Sages whose tongue is Agni and their eyes the Sun, hither let all the Gods for our protection come.
yvs.29 O Vasus, from out the Sun ye fashioned forth the Courser.
yvs.30 12 For Light a wood bringer; for Brightness a fire kindler; for the Sun s Station a besprinkler; for Highest Heaven a high steward; for the World of Gods a carver; for the World of Men a distributer; for All Worlds a pourer out: for Poverty, Affliction a stirrer up of strife; for Sacrifice a washerwoman; for Delight a female dyer; 13 For Assault a thievish hearted man; for Homicide a slanderer; for Discrimination a door keeper; for Inspection a door keeper s attendant; for Strength a servant; for Plenty a running footman; for the Beloved a sweet speaker; for Safety the rider of a horse; for the World of Svarga a dealer out of portions; for Highest Heaven a high steward; 14 For Passion an iron smelter; for Anger a remover; for Yoking a yoker; for Pain an assailant; for Quiet an unyoker; for Up hill and Down hill one who stands on three legs; for Form a conceited man; for Virtue a female ointment maker; for Nirriti a female scabbard maker; for Yama a barren woman; 15 For Yama a mother of twins; for the Atharvans a woman who has miscarried; for the First Year a gad about; for the Parivatsara one who has not borne a child; for the Idavatsara one who exceeds; for the Idvatsara one who transgresses; for the Vatsara one who is worn out; for the Samvatsara one with grey hair; for the Ribhus a hide dresser; for the Sadhyas a currier; 16 For Lakes a fisherman; for Standing Waters a fisher; for Tank waters a Nishada; for Reed beds a fish vender; for the Opposite Bank one who gropes
yvs.30 for Sounds a Bhilla; for Caverns a Kirata; for Mountain heights a destructive savage; for Mountains a wild man; 17 For Abhorrence a Paulkasa; for Colour a goldsmith; for Balance a merchant; for Repentance a sluggard; for All Spirits a leper; for Prosperity a watchful man; for Failure a sleepy man; for Mischief a chatterer; for Misfortune a shameless man; for Undoing one who cuts up into small pieces; 18 For the Dice king a gambler; for the die Krita one who contemplates his adversary s ill luck, for the Treta a gamble manager; for the Dvapara a chief manager; for Askanda one who will not leave the gambling hall; for Mrityu one who approaches cows; for Antaka a Cow killer; for Hunger one who goes begging to a man who is cutting up a cow; for Misdeed a leader of the Charakas; for Misery a robber; 19 For Echo a reviler; for Noise a snarler; for End a very talkative man; for Endless a mute; for Sound a drummer; for Might a lute player; for Cry a flute blower; for Confused Tone a Conch blower; for the Wood a wood ranger; for Partly wooded Land a forest fire guard; 20 For Pastime a harlot; for Laughter a jester; for Lust a woman with spotty skin; for Might these, the head man of a village, an astrologer, and a watchman; a lute player; a hand clapper, a flutist, these for Dance; for Pleasure a musician; 21 For Fire a fat man; for Earth a cripple; for Wind a Chandala; for Mid Air a pole dancer; for Sky a bald head; for the Sun a green eyed man; for Stars a spotty man; for the Moon
yvs.31 12 The Moon was gendered from his mind, and from his eye the Sun had birth; Vayu and Prana from his ear, and from his mouth was Agni born.
yvs.31 18 I know this mighty Purusha whose colour is like the Sun, beyond the reach of darkness.
yvs.32 AGNI is That; the Sun is That; Vayu and Chandramas are That.
yvs.32 7 To whom, supported by his help, two armies embattled look while trembling in their spirit, Where over them the risen Sun is shining.
yvs.33 20 Now when the Sun hath risen to day may sinless Mitra, Aryaman, Bhaga, and Savitar speed us forth.
yvs.33 38 In the sky s lap the Sun this form assumeth that Varuna and Mitra may behold it.
yvs.33 41 Turning, as it were, to meet the Sun, enjoy from Indra all good things.
yvs.34 25 Savitar, golden handed, swiftly moving, goes on his way between the earth and heaven, Drives away sickness, bids the Sun approach us, and spreads the bright sky through the darksome region.
yvs.37 14 Germ of the Gods, Father of hymns, all living creatures guardian Lord, Radiant, with radiant Savitar united, with the Sun he shines.
yvs.37 15 Agni combined with flaming fire, combined with Savitar divine, hath shone together with the Sun.
yvs.38 Vat! All hail to the rain winning beam of the Sun!
yvs.38 Together with the Sun the sea, the store shone out with flashing light.
yvs.39 6 Savitar on the first day; Agni on the second; Vayu on the third; aditya (the Sun) on the fourth; Chandramas (the Moon) on the fifth; Ritu on the sixth; the Maruts on the seventh; Brihaspati on the eighth; Mitra on the ninth; Varuna on the tenth; Indra on the eleventh; the All Gods on the twelfth.
yvs.40 The Spirit yonder in the Sun, the Spirit dwelling there am I.

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