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yvs.10 Be thy protectors Trishtup, the Brihat Saman, the fifteenfold praise song, the Reason Summer, and the treasure Kingship. 12 Ascend the West.
yvs.13 Summer sprang from Mind.
yvs.13 The Trishtup is the daughter of Summer.
yvs.21 24 With Summer may the Rudras, Gods, praised in the Panchadasa hymn With Brihat, give to Indra strength; with fame, and sacrifice and life.
yvs.24 11 Smoke coloured ones he sacrifices to Spring; white to Summer; black to the Rains; red ones to Autumn; speckled to Winter; reddish yellow to the Dewy Season.
yvs.24 20 To Spring he offers Kapinjalas; to Summer sparrows; to the Rains partridges; to Autumn quails; to Winter.
yvs.31 14 When Gods performed the sacrifice with Purusha as offering Spring was the butter, Autumn the oblation, Summer was the wood.

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