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yvs.14 30 With nineteen they praised; Sudra and Arya were created.
yvs.20 17 Each fault in village or in wild, company or corporeal sense, Each sinful act that we have done to Sudra or Arya, or to either s disadvantage, een of that sin thou art the expiation.
yvs.26 2 That I to all the people may address this salutary speech, To priest and nobleman, Sudra and Arya, to one of our own kin and to the stranger.
yvs.30 5 For Brahman Priesthood() he binds a Brahman to the stake; for Kshatra Royalty() a Rajanya; for the Maruts a Vaisya; for Penance a Sudra; for Darkness a robber; for Hell a homicide or a man who has lost his consecrated fire; for Misfortune a eunuch; for Venality an Ayogu; for Kama a harlot; for Excessive Noise a Magadha;
yvs.30 A minstrel, a harlot, a gambler, and a eunuch neither of Sudra nor Brahman caste are to be dedicated to Prajapati.
yvs.31 His thighs became the Vaisya, from his feet the Sudra was produced.

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