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yvs.3 Now, Indra, yoke thy two Bay Steeds.
yvs.3 Now, Indra, yoke thy two Bay Steeds.
yvs.8 33 Slayer of Vritra, mount thy car: thy Bay Steeds have been yoked by prayer.
yvs.8 34 Harness thy pair of strong Bay Steeds, long maned, whose bodies fill the girths, And, Indra, Soma drinker, come to listen to our songs of praise.
yvs.9 On to the goal, ye Steeds, winners of prizes, blocking the ways and meting out the courses! 14 Bound by the neck and at the flanks and in the mouth, that vigorous Courser lends new swiftness to his sped.
yvs.11 72 From the remotest distance come, Lord of the Red Steeds, hitherward.
yvs.20 38 Lauded by Gods, Lord of Bay Steeds, the Helper, showing his greatness.
yvs.20 53 Come hither, Indra, with Bay Steeds, joyous, with tails like peacock plumes, Let no men check thy course as fowlers stay the bird: pass over them as over desert lands.
yvs.29 21 Symmetrical in flank, with rounded haunches, mettled like heroes, the celestial Coursers Put forth their strength like swans in lengthened order when they, the Steeds, have reached the heavenly causeway.
yvs.33 Lord of Bay Steeds, say what thou hast against us.
yvs.33 His Bay Steeds well maintain their power eternal, at one time bright, and darksome at another.
yvs.33 To their libations these my Bay Steeds bear me.

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