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yvs.6 May waters gathered near the Sun, and those wherewith the Sun is joined, Speed on this sacred rite of ours.
yvs.8 Speed thou the sacrifice, speed thou the sacrifice s lord to win his share.
yvs.11 Speed praise song with the sacred verse, Rathantara with Gayatra, Brihat that runs in Gayatra.
yvs.11 Speed through the wide air thou whose paths are pleasant, with Pushan for thy mate, providing safety.
yvs.14 Speed, the Ashtadasa.
yvs.18 Speed thou us on to lengthened life.
yvs.25 3 I gratify Flies with his hair; Indra with his active shoulder; Brihaspati with his quick spring; Tortoises with his hoofs; Approach with his fetlocks; Kapinjalas with his heel ropes; Speed with his two thighs; the Way with his two fore legs; the Forest God with a kneepan; Agni with his two knees; Pushan with his two fore feet; the Asvins with his shoulders; Rudra with his shoulder joints,
yvs.30 Knowledge an inquisitive man; for Desire of extra Knowledge an extra inquisitive man; for Moral Law a question solver; 11 For Eye diseases an elephant keeper; for Speed a horse keeper; for Nourishment a cowherd; for Manliness a shepherd; for Keenness a goatherd; for Refreshment a ploughman; for Sweet Beverage a preparer of Sura; for Weal a house guard; for Well being a possessor of wealth; for Supervision a doorkeeper s attendant;

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