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yvs.3 33 For they, the Sons of Aditi, bestow eternal light upon A mortal man that he may live.
yvs.11 All Sons of the Immortal One shall hear it, who have resorted to celestial dwellings.
yvs.11 She, having made the great Fire pan, a womb for Agni, formed of clay, Aditi, gave it to her Sons and, Let them bake it, were her words.
yvs.25 20 The Maruts, Sons of Prisni, borne by spotted steeds, moving in glory, oft visiting holy rites, Sages whose tongue is Agni and their eyes the Sun, hither let all the Gods for our protection come.
yvs.33 77 All Sons of Immortality shall listen to the songs we sing, And be exceeding good to us.

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