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yvs.1 Thee, Indra s share, with Soma do I curdle.
yvs.1 10 By impulse of God Savitar I take thee with arms of Asvins, with the hands of Pushan, Thee dear to Agni, dear to Agni Soma.
yvs.1 I sprinkle thee welcome to Agni Soma.
yvs.1 This Agni Soma s.
yvs.2 15 After the victory of Agni Soma may I obtain the victory.
yvs.2 May Agni Soma drive off him who hates us, drive off the man whom we detest.
yvs.2 To Soma Hail! accompanied by Fathers.
yvs.3 28 O Brahmanaspati, make him who presses Soma glorious, Even Kakshivan Ausija.
yvs.3 56 O Soma, with the spirit still within us, blest with progeny, May we be busied in thy law.
yvs.4 Thou art the garment knot of Soma.
yvs.4 Grant this much, Soma! bring yet more.
yvs.4 To Soma go for Indra s sake.
yvs.4 Return safely with Soma as thy friend.
yvs.4 24 Tell Soma this for me: This is thy share allied with Gayatri.
yvs.4 For me say this to Soma: This is thine allotted Trishtup share.
yvs.4 Tell Soma this for me: This is thy share allied with Jagati.
yvs.4 Tell Soma this for me: Win thou sole lordship of the metres names.
yvs.4 Anghari, Svana, Bhraja, and Bambhari, O Hasta, and Suhasta and Krisanu, These are your prices for the Soma purchase.
yvs.4 31 Over the woods the air hath he extended, put milk in kine and vigorous speed in horses, Set intellect in hearts and fire in houses, Surya in heaven and Soma on the mountain.
yvs.4 37 Such of thy glories as with poured oblations men honour, may they all invest our worship. Wealth giver, furtherer with troops of heroes, sparing the brave, come, Soma, to our houses.
yvs.5 Body of Soma art thou.
yvs.5 Thee for the Soma bringing Falcon.
yvs.5 7 May every stalk of thine wax full and strengthen for Indra Ekadhanavid, God Soma! May Indra grow in strength for thee: for Indra mayest thou grow strong.
yvs.5 May all prosperity be thine, God Soma.
yvs.5 May I attain the solemn Soma pressing.
yvs.5 Thou, Soma, wilt withhold thy wide protection from body wounding hatreds shown by others.
yvs.5 All hail! 39 To thee, God Savitar, belongs this Soma.
yvs.5 Now hast thou joined the Gods as God, God Soma: men have I joined here through abundant riches.
yvs.6 9 By impulse of God Savitar I bind thee, with arms of Asvins and with hands of Pushan, thee welcome unto Agni and to Soma.
yvs.6 I sprinkle thee welcome to Agni Soma.
yvs.6 All hail! Go to Soma.
yvs.6 26 Descend, O Soma, King, to all thy people.
yvs.6 Thee for the Soma bringing Hawk.
yvs.6 33 Soma, what light there is of thine in heaven, what on the earth, what in mid air s wide region, Therewith give broad space to the Sacrificer for his enrichment: Comfort thou the giver.
yvs.6 Lead to the Gods this sacrifice, Divine Ones! and at our invitation drink of Soma.
yvs.6 Mishap not Soma hath been killed.
yvs.7 Soma, whatever name thou hast, unconquerable, giving life, To that thy Soma, Soma! Hail! 3 Self made art thou from all the Powers that are in heaven and on the earth.
yvs.7 Hold in, Rich Lord! be Soma s guard.
yvs.7 9 This Soma hath been shed for you, Law strengtheners, Mitra Varuna! Here listen ye to this my call.
yvs.7 14 May we, O radiant Soma, be the keepers of thine uninjured strength and growth of riches.
yvs.7 Guard on all sides the Soma sacrifices.
yvs.7 21 Soma flows pure, Soma flows pure for this Priesthood, for the Nobility, pure for the worshipper who presses out the juice, flows pure for food and energy, for waters and for plants; flows pure for general prosperity.
yvs.7 I pour forth with firm mind, with voice, firm Soma.
yvs.7 29 Who art thou? Which of all art thou? Whose art thou? Who art thou by name? Even thou on whose name we have meditated, then whom we have delighted with our Soma.
yvs.7 35 Here drink the Soma, Indra girt by Maruts! as thou didst drink the juice beside Saryata.
yvs.7 37 Indra, accordant with the banded Maruts, drink Soma, Hero! as wise Vritra slayer.
yvs.7 38 Drink, Indra Marut girt, as Bull, the Soma: for joy, for rapture even as thou pleasest.
yvs.8 Here, O Far striding Vishnu, is thy Soma.
yvs.8 The Soma feast, O Fourth aditya, is thy strength.
yvs.8 5 This is thy Soma draught, O bright aditya: take delight therein.
yvs.8 May it be mine to prosper the libations of thee Brihaspati s son, O radiant Soma, of thee, strong Indu, mated with thy Consorts.
yvs.8 United with the Soma, ye, for Indra, are corn for his two tawny steeds to feed on.
yvs.8 This is thy station, O celestial Soma; therein bring happiness and ward off evil.
yvs.8 34 Harness thy pair of strong Bay Steeds, long maned, whose bodies fill the girths, And, Indra, Soma drinker, come to listen to our songs of praise.
yvs.8 May she, the Goddess of Speech, rejoicing, sate herself with Soma All hail! with Prana as her feast companion.
yvs.8 39 Arising in thy might thy jaws thou shookest, Indra, having drunk The Soma which the mortar pressed.
yvs.8 Let Soma drops pass into thee, O Mighty One.
yvs.8 49 The Bull s majestic form is shining brightly, the pure the pure s preceder, Soma Soma s.
yvs.8 Whatever name invincible, stimulating, is thine, O Soma, for that name I take thee.
yvs.8 All hail to Soma, unto thee, O Soma.
yvs.8 50 O radiant Soma, eagerly draw nigh to Agni s well loved food.
yvs.8 O radiant Soma, willingly go to the food that Indra loves.
yvs.8 Go, radiant Soma, as our friend, to the All Gods beloved food.
yvs.8 Pushan in the Soma purchasing cow.
yvs.8 Mitra when purchased; Vishnu Sipivishta when on the Sacrificer s thigh he resteth; Vishnu Naraudhisha brought on the barrow; 56 Soma when come: when seated on the platform, Varuna; Agni in the sacred fire place; Indra upon the sacrificial barrow; Atharvan when deposited for pounding; 57 All Gods when offered in the scattered fragments; Vishnu, the guard of those who soothe his anger, when he is filled and swelling in the waters; Yama in pressing; Vishnu in collection; Vayu what time they cleanse and purify him; the Bright when cleansed; the Bright with milk about him; Manthin commingled with the meal of barley; 58 All Gods when he is drawn away in beakers; Life when uplifted for the fire oblation; Rudra when offered; Vata when reverted; Man viewer when beheld; drink when they drink him; deposited, the Narasamsa Fathers; 59 Sindhu when ready for the bath that cleanses the sea when he is carried to the waters; Water is he when he is plunged beneath it.
yvs.8 All hail! 63 Soma, send wealth in gold and steeds and heroes.
yvs.9 Soma with immortality approach me! 20 To the Friend, Hail! To the Good Fiend, Hail! To the Later born, Hail! To Resolution, Hail! To the Vasu, Hail! To the Lord of Days, Hail! To the Failing Day, Hail! To the Failing sprung from the Transitory, Hail! To the Transitory sprung from the Final, Hail! To the Final Mundane, Hail! To the Lord of the World, Hail! To the Sovran Lord, Hail!
yvs.9 23 Of old the furtherance of strength urged onward this Sovran Soma in the plants and waters.
yvs.9 26 As suppliants, for aid we grasp Soma the King, and Agni, the adityas, Vishnu, Surya, and the Brahman priest Brihaspati.
yvs.9 With quadrisyllabic metre Soma won four footed cattle: may I win those.
yvs.9 All hail! To Gods whose guide is Agni, to the eastward seated Gods, All hail! To Gods whose guide is Yama, to the southward seated Gods, All hail! To Gods whose guides are the All Gods, those who are seated westward, Hail! Hail to the northward seated Gods, to those whose guides are Mitra and Varuna or the Marut host! To Gods whose guide is Soma, who, worshipful, sit on high, All hail! 36 Gods who have Agni as their guide, whose seat is eastward, Hail to them! Gods who have Yama as their guide, whose seat is southward, Hail to them! Gods who have All Gods as their guides, whose seat is westward, Hail to them! Gods who have Mitra Varuna for guides, north seated, Hail to them! Gods who have Soma as their guide, high seated, worshipful, Hail to them! 37 Agni, subdue opposing bands and drive our enemies away.
yvs.9 39 Savitar quicken thee for sway of rulers, Agni of householders, of the trees Soma, Brihaspati of Speech, for lordship Indra, Rudra for cattle, Mitra for true speaking, Varuna for the sway of Law s protectors.
yvs.9 Soma is Lord and King of us the Brahmans.
yvs.10 5 Brilliance of Soma art thou: may my brilliance grow like thine.
yvs.10 To Agni Hail! To Soma Hail! To Savitar Hail! To Sarasvati Hail! To Pushan Hail! To Brihaspati Hail! To Indra Hail! To the Noise Hail! To Fame Hail To Amsa Hail! To Bhaga Hail! To Aryaman Hail! 6 Ye are two strainers, Varuna s own possession.
yvs.10 Soma s share art thou.
yvs.10 15 Brilliance of Soma art thou, may my brilliance grow like thine.
yvs.10 17 Thee with the strength of Soma, Agni s lustre, with Surya s splendour, Indra s might I sprinkle.
yvs.10 23 All hail to Agni, Master of the Household! All hail to Soma, Sovran of the Forest! All hail to the great vigour of the Maruts! All hail to the effectual might of Indra! Injure me not, O Mother Earth, and may I never injure thee.
yvs.10 30 I creep forth urged onward by Savitar the Impeller; by Sarasvati, Speech; by Tvashtar, created forms; by Pushan, cattle; by this Indra; by Brihaspati, Devotion; by Varuna, Power; by Agni, Brilliance; by Soma, the King; by Vishnu the tenth Deity.
yvs.10 Get dressed for Sarasvati: Get dressed for Indra the Good Deliverer: Soma the Wind, purified by the strainer, Indra s meet friend, hath gone overflowing backward.
yvs.10 33 Ye Asvins, Lords of Splendour, drank full draughts of grateful Soma juice, And aided Indra in his deeds with Namuchi of Asura birth.
yvs.12 22 The spring of glories and support of riches, rouser of thoughts and guardian of the Soma, Good Son of Strength, a King amid the waters, in forefront of the Dawns he shines enkindled.
yvs.12 29 Agni, man s gracious Friend, the Soma s keeper, Vaisvanara, hath been lauded by the Rishis.
yvs.12 47 This is that Agni where the longing Indra took the pressed Soma deep within his body.
yvs.12 55 The dappled kine who stream with milk prepare his draught of Soma juice Clans in the birthplace of the Gods, in the three luminous realms of heaven.
yvs.12 71 The keen shared plough that bringeth bliss, good for the Soma drinker s need, Shear out for me a cow, a sheep, a rapid drawer of the car, a blooming woman, plump and strong! 72 Milk out their wish, O Wishing Cow, to Mitra and to Varuna, To Indra, to the Asvins, to Pushan, to people and to plants.
yvs.12 81 Herbs rich in Soma, rich in steeds, in nourishment in strengthening power, All these have I provided here, that this man may be whole again.
yvs.12 92 Of all the many Plants whose King is Soma, Plants of hundred forms, Thou art the Plant most excellent, prompt to the wish, sweet to the heart.
yvs.12 93 O all ye various Herbs whose King is Soma, that overspread the earth, Urged onward by Brihaspati, combine your virtue in this Plant.
yvs.12 96 With Soma as their Sovran Lord the Plants hold colloquy and say: O King, we save from death the man whose cure a Brahman undertakes.
yvs.12 King Soma, knowing thee, O Plant, from his Consumption was made free.
yvs.12 113 Soma, wax great.
yvs.12 Waxing to immortality, O Soma, win highest glory for thyself in heaven.
yvs.12 115 Wax, O most gladdening Soma, great through all thy filaments, and be A friend of most illustrious fame to prosper us.
yvs.14 Soma was over lord.
yvs.15 Soma
yvs.16 Homage to Soma and to Rudra, homage to the copper coloured and to the ruddy One.
yvs.16 47 Pursuer, Lord of Soma juice, thou cleaver, coloured blue and red, Cleave not, destroy not one of these our children, nor of these our beasts, let nothing that is ours be sick.
yvs.17 35 He rules with those who carry shafts and quivers, Indra who with his band brings hosts together, Foe conquering, strong of arm, the Soma drinker, with mighty bow, shooting with well laid arrows.
yvs.17 40 Indra guide these: Brihaspati precede them, the guerdon, and the sacrifice, and Soma; And let the banded Maruts march in forefront of heavenly hosts that conquer and demolish.
yvs.17 49 Thy vital parts I cover with thine armour: with immortality King Soma clothe thee.
yvs.17 Where Soma flows and sacrifice is ready, thither the streams of holy oil are running.
yvs.18 16 May my Agni and my Indra, and my Soma and my Indra, and my Savitar and my Indra, and my Sarasvati and my Indra, and my Pushan and my Indra prosper by sacrifice.
yvs.18 21 May my ladles and my cups, and my Vayu, vessels and my Soma reservoirs, and my pressing stones and my two press boards, and my Putabhrit and my adhavaniya, and my altar and altar grass, and my Avabhritha and my cries of Good speed prosper by sacrifice.
yvs.19 SWEET with the sweet, I sprinkle thee with Soma, strong with the strong, the nectar with the nectar, The honey sweet with what is sweet as honey.
yvs.19 Soma art thou.
yvs.19 2 Hence pour ye forth the flowing juice, Soma, best Sacrificial food.
yvs.19 He who, man s friend, hath run within the waters hath with the pressing stones poured out the Soma.
yvs.19 3 Purified by Vayu s strainer, Soma that has passed away forward is Indra s proper friend.
yvs.19 Purified by Vayu s strainer, Soma that has passed away backward is Indra s proper friend.
yvs.19 4 By means of this eternal sieve may Surya s Daughter purify The Soma that flows forth from thee.
yvs.19 5 Soma with Wine, pressed; filtered for the banquet, cleanses priest, noble, brilliancy and vigour.
yvs.19 This here is Soma.
yvs.19 13 Symbols of Diksha are grass buds, of Prayaniya sprouts of corn, Of Soma purchasing fried grains are symbols, Soma shoots and meath.
yvs.19 15 Emblem of purchased Soma is Parisrut, foaming drink effused: Indra s balm milked for Indra by the Asvins and Sarasvati.
yvs.19 18 The Asvins are the Soma store, Sarasvati the sacred hearth.
yvs.19 21 Grain roasted, gruel, barley meal, grains of rice roasted, milk and curd Are types of Soma: mingled milk, sweet whey, of sacrificial food.
yvs.19 Whey is the type of Soma, and milk mixture type of Soma s pap. 24 The Strophe is the cry, Bid hear? the answer is the antistrophe.
yvs.19 The type of Sastras is obtained by Pranavas, Soma by milk.
yvs.19 27 By Vayu cups he gains the cups of Vayu, and by the basket gains the vat for Soma.
yvs.19 May we, sweet singing sacrificers, setting Soma mid Gods in heaven, give joy to Indra.
yvs.19 33 All essence of thine own in plants collected, all strength of Soma when poured out with Sura Therewith impel with joy the sacrifice, Sarasvati, the Asvins, Indra, Agni.
yvs.19 34 That which Sarasvati poured out for Indra, by Asvins brought from Namuchi the demon, This flowing drop, brilliant and full of sweetness, I drink and feed on here, the King, the Soma.
yvs.19 35 Whatever portion of the savoury fluid is clinging here, what Indra drank with powers, That drop thereof with pure and holy spirit I drink and feed upon, the King, the Soma.
yvs.19 37 Cleanse me the Fathers who enjoy Soma! Grandfathers make me clean! May Great grandfathers cleanse me with a sieve that brings a century.
yvs.19 49 May they ascend, the lowest, highest, midmost, the Fathers who deserve a share of Soma.
yvs.19 50 Our Fathers are Angirases, Navagvas, Atharvans, Bhrigus, who deserve the Soma.
yvs.19 51 Our ancient Fathers who deserve the Soma, who came, most noble, to our Soma banquet With these let Yama, yearning with the yearning, rejoicing eat our offerings at his pleasure.
yvs.19 52 Thou, Soma, art preeminent for wisdom: along the straightest path thou art our leader.
yvs.19 Our prudent Fathers by thy wisdom, Soma, dealt out among the Gods their share of treasure.
yvs.19 53 For our sage Fathers, Soma Pavamana, of old performed by thee their sacred duties.
yvs.19 54 Associate with the Fathers thou, O Soma, hast spread thyself abroad through earth and heaven.
yvs.19 57 May they, the Fathers, worthy of the Soma, invited to their favourite oblations Laid on the sacred grass, come nigh and listen: may they be gracious unto us and bless us.
yvs.19 58 May they our Fathers whom the flames have tasted, worthy of Soma, come on God ward pathways.
yvs.19 61 We call the Agnishvattas, true to seasons, those who drank Soma in the Narasamsa.
yvs.19 72 King Soma, pressed, the Drink of Life, left Death behind with Soma dregs.
yvs.19 74 The Hamsa throned in light drank up by metre Soma from the floods.
yvs.19 75 Prajapati by Brahma drank the essence from the foaming food, the princely power, milk, Soma juice.
yvs.19 79 Seeing the farming liquor s sap, Prajapati with the bright drank nut the bright the milk, the Soma juice.
yvs.19 95 Splendour of victims, powerful oblation, honey and meath with milk and foaming liquor, Healing Sarasvati effused, and Asvins; from pressed and unpressed Soma, deathless Indu.
yvs.20 Imperishable sap for joy, thine odour be the Soma s guard! 28 They pour it out, they sprinkle it, they scatter it, they make it pure.
yvs.20 31 Adhvaryu, on the straining cloth pour thou the Soma pressed with stones: Purify it for Indra s drink.
yvs.20 55 Fire hath been kindled, Asvins Twain! the Gharma warmed, the Radiant pressed, Here the Milch Cow Sarasvati hath poured bright Soma, Indra s own.
yvs.20 56 When Soma flows Sarasvati and both the Asvins, Leeches and Body guards, bear to Indra strength by passage through the realms of air.
yvs.20 57 When Soma flowed the Asvins Twain, the Leeches, brought sweet medicine, With Men s Desire Sarasvati for Indra, Soma, Nagnahu.
yvs.20 59 The Asvins brought from Namuchi pressed Soma bright with foaming juice.
yvs.20 63 The Asvins, and the Three, apart, Sarasvati, Ida, Bharati, As drink to gladden Indra, poured strong Soma with the foaming juice.
yvs.20 66 Asvins, to Indra ye with cows, with Masara and foaming drink Gave, with Sarasvati All hail! the pressed out Soma juice and mead.
yvs.20 78 He in whom horses, bulls, oxen, and barren cows, and rams, when duly set apart, are offered up, To Agni, Soma sprinkled, drinker of sweet juice, Disposer, with thy heart bring forth a pleasant hymn.
yvs.20 79 Within thy mouth is poured the offering, Agni, as Soma into cup, oil into ladle.
yvs.20 90 Accordant with Sarasvati let the two Asvins drink the meath, May Indra, Vritra slayer, Good Guardian, accept the Soma meath.
yvs.21 The metre Gayatri, the steer of eighteen months, give power and life! 13 Tanunapat whose acts are pure, our bodies guard Sarasvati, Ushniha metre and the steer of two years age give power and life! 14 Agni with offerings, meet for praise, and Soma the immortal God, Anushtup metre and the steer of thirty months give power and life! 15 Agni with goodly grass spread out, deathless with Pushan at his side, Brihati metre and a steer of three years age give power and life! 16 The Doors divine, the mighty Regions, Brahma, God Brihaspati, The metre Pankti, here a bull in his fourth year, give power and life 17 The two young Darns of lovely form, the deathless Universal Gods, The Trishtup metre, here, a bull in his sixth year, give power and life! 18 The two celestial Hotars, both Physicians, Indra s close knit friends, The metre Jagati, an ox who draws the wain, give power and life! 19 The Three, Ida, Sarasvati, and Bharati, the Marut folk, Viraj the metre, here, a cow in milk, a bull, give power and life!
yvs.21 A grey coloured he goat with wheat, jujube fruit and sprouts of rice becomes a sweet salutary remedy, splendour, might, milk, Soma.
yvs.21 A sheep, a ram, a salutary remedy on the honey sweet path, bearing to the Asvins and Indra heroic strength, with jujube fruit, Indra grains, sprouts of rice, becomes a salutary remedy, milk, Soma.
yvs.21 A ram with Sura a salutary remedy, Sarasvati the Physician, the golden car of the Asvins, the victim s omentum, with jujube fruit, Indra grains, and rice sprouts, become a salutary remedy, the manly strength of Indra, milk, Soma.
yvs.21 Strength and medicine to the Asvins and Indra are meath with jujube fruit, Masara with parched grain, milk, Soma.
yvs.21 Sarasvati the Physician yields medicine to Indra, milk, Soma.
yvs.21 Milk, Soma.
yvs.21 Milk, Soma.
yvs.21 Milk, Soma.
yvs.21 Milk, Soma.
yvs.21 Milk, Soma.
yvs.21 Milk, Soma.
yvs.21 Svaha! Soma, the power.
yvs.21 Milk, Soma.
yvs.21 Let them drink, rejoice in, enjoy the Soma meath.
yvs.21 There where the favourite stations of the Asvins are, of the he goat the sacrifice; of Sarasvati, of the ram the sacrifice; of Indra, of the bull the sacrifice; there where the favourite stations of Agni are, of Soma, of Indra the Good Deliverer, of Savitar, of Varuna, the favourite places of Vanaspati, the favourite stations of Gods who drink clarified butter, and of Agni the Hotar, there let him arrange these victims when he has praised and lauded them, and perform when he has made them very strong.
yvs.21 58 Let the God Agni Svishtakrit worship the Gods as is meet and right for each, the two Hotars, Indra, the Asvins, Vak with speech, Sarasvati, Agni, Soma.
yvs.21 59 To day this Sacrificer cooking viands, cooking sacrificial rice cakes, binding a goat for the Asvins, a ram for Sarasvati, a hull for Indra, pressing Sura and Soma juices for the Asvins, Sarasvati, and Indra the Good Deliverer, has chosen Agni as Hotar.
yvs.21 The Agnis, Sarasvati, and Indra have drunk the Sura and Soma draughts.
yvs.22 6 To Agni Hail! To Soma Hail! Hail to the Waters Joy! Hail to Savitar! Hail to Vayu! Hail to Vishnu! Hail to Indra! Hail to Brihaspati! Hail to Mitra! Hail to Varuna! 7 Hail to the sound hi?! Hail to the uttered hi?! Hail to the neigh! Hail to the down neigh! Hail to the snort! Hail to the roar! Hail to his smell! Hail to him smelt at! Hail to him seated! Hail to him seated down! Hail to him weary! Hail to him going! Hail to him sitting! Hail to him lying! Hail to him sleeping! Hail to him waking! Hail to him whinnying! Hail to him wakened! Hail to him yawning! Hail to him outstretched! Hail to him drawn together! Hail to him risen! Hail to his going! Hail to his good going! Hail! 8 Hail to him as he goes! Hail to him running! Hail to him running away! Hail to him when he has run away! Hail to the cry Shoo! Hail to him scared with Shoo! Hail to him seated! Hail to him risen! Hail to his speed! Hail to his strength! Hail to him rolling! Hail to him when he has rolled! Hail to him tossing about! Hail to him when he has tossed about! Hail to him listening! Hail to him hearing.
yvs.22 23 Hail to vital breath! Hail to out breathing! Hail to diffusive breath! Hail to the eye! Hail to the ear! Hail to Speech! Hail to Mind! 24 Hail to the Eastern Region! Hail to the hitherward Region! Hail to the Southern Region! Hail to the hitherward Region! Hail to the Western Region! Hail to the hitherward Region! Hail to the Northern Region! Hail to the hitherward Region! Hail to the Upward Region! Hail to the hitherward Region! Hail to the Downward Region! Hail to the hitherward Region! 25 Hail to waters! Hail to floods! Hail to water! Hail to standing waters! flail to flowing waters! Hail to trickling waters! Hail to well waters! Hail to spring waters! Hail to the foaming sea! Hail to the ocean! Hail to the deep! 26 Hail to wind! Hail to mist! Hail to vapour! Hail to cloud! Hail to cloud lightening! Hail to cloud thundering! Hail to it bursting! Hail to it raining! Hail to it pouring! Hail to it violently raining! Hail to it swiftly raining! Hail to it holding up! Hail to it when it has held up! Hail to it sprinkling! Hail to it drizzling! Hail to its drops! Hail to thunderbolts! Hail to hoar frosts! 27 Hail to Agni! Hail to Soma! Hail to Indra! Hail to Earth! Hail to Firmament! Hail to Sky! Hail to Regions? Hail to Quarters! Hail to the Upward Region! Hail to the Downward Region!
yvs.23 Fitted in waters, water born, is Brahma following Soma s lead.
yvs.23 This Soma is the Stallion s genial humour, this Brahman highest heaven where Speech abideth.
yvs.23 64 Let the Hotar sacrifice to Prajapati from the Mahiman Soma.
yvs.23 Let him drink the Soma.
yvs.24 A black necked goat, devoted to Agni, (is to be bound) in front to the forehead (of the horse); Sarasvati s ewe below his jaws; two goats belonging to the Asvins, with marks on the lower parts of the body, to his fore legs; a dark coloured goat, Soma s and Pushan s, to his navel; a white and a black, sacred to Soma and Varna, to his sides; Tvashtar s two, with bushy tails, to his hind feet; Vayu s white goat to his tail; for Indra the Good Worker a cow who slips her calf; a dwarf belonging to Vishnu.
yvs.24 2 The red goat, the smoky red, the jujube red, these belong to Soma.
yvs.24 8 Variegated, Indra Agni s; two coloured, Agni Soma s; dwarf oxen, Agni Vishnu s; barren cows, Mitra Varuna s; partly variegated, Mitra s.
yvs.24 9 Black necked ones, Agni s; brown, Soma s; white, Vayu s; undistinguished, Aditi s; self coloured, Dhatar s; weanlings, the Gods Consorts.
yvs.24 14 Black necked victims sacred to Agni; brown to Soma; spotted to Savitar; weaned she kids to Sarasvati; dark coloured goats to Pushan; speckled victims to the Maruts; many coloured to the All Gods; barren cows to Heaven and Earth.
yvs.24 18 Smoke coloured, those of brownish hue, to be offered to the Soma possessing Fathers; the brown and the smoky looking to the Fathers who sit on sacred grass; the black and the brownish looking to the Fathers who have been tasted by Agni; the black and the spotted belong to Tryambaka.
yvs.24 22 To Soma he sacrifices wild geese; to Vayu female cranes; to Indra Agni curlews; to Mitra divers; to Varuna Chakravakas.
yvs.24 23 To Agni he sacrifices cocks; to Vanaspatis owls; to Agni Soma blue jays; to the Asvins peacocks; to Mitra Varuna pigeons.
yvs.24 24 To Soma he sacrifices quails; to Tvashtar Kaulikas; Mainas to the Gods Consorts; Kulikas to the Gods Sisters; Parushnas to Agni Lord of the Homestead.
yvs.24 32 To Soma an antelope is to be offered; wild goat, mungoose, Saka.
yvs.25 4 The first rib is Agni s; the second Vayu s; the third Indra s; the fourth Soma s; the fifth Aditi s; the sixth Indrani s; the seventh the Maruts; the eighth Brihaspati s; the ninth Aryaman s; the tenth Dhatar s; the eleventh Indra s; the twelfth Varuna s; the thirteenth Yama s.
yvs.25 5 (On the left side) the first rib belongs to Indra Agni; the second to Sarasvati; the third to Mitra; the fourth to the Waters; the fifth to Nirriti; the sixth to Agni Soma; the seventh to the Serpents; the eighth to Vishnu; the ninth to Pushan; the tenth to Tvashtar; the eleventh to Indra; the twelfth to Varuna; the thirteenth to Yama.
yvs.25 6 The shoulders belong to the Maruts; the first rib cartilages to the All Gods; the second to the Rudras; the third to the adityas; the tail belongs to Vayu; the hind quarters to Agni Soma.
yvs.25 16 We call them hither with a hymn of olden time, Bhaga, the friendly Daksha, Mitra, Aditi, Aryaman, Varuna, Soma, the Asvins.
yvs.25 17 May the Wind waft to us that pleasant medicine, may Earth our Mother give it, and our Father Heaven, And the joy giving stones that press the Soma s juice.
yvs.25 28 Invoker, ministering priest, stoner, fire kindler, Soma presser, sage, reciter, With this well ordered sacrifice, well finished, do ye fill full the channels of the rivers.
yvs.26 Thee for Brihaspati, 4 Come hither, Indra, rich in kine! Drink Soma, Lord of Hundred Powers, Effused by braying pressing stones.
yvs.26 Drink Soma, Lord of Hundred Powers, Expressed with stones whose wealth is kine.
yvs.26 20 O Agni, bring thou hitherward the yearning Consorts of the Gods Bring Tvashtar to the Soma draught.
yvs.26 28 Thine is this Soma: come thou near, approach it.
yvs.26 25 In sweetest and most gladdening stream flow pure, O Soma, on thy way, Pressed out for Indra, for his drink.
yvs.27 Come thou to drink the Soma juice, God longed for, on thy team drawn car.
yvs.27 31 Lover of worship, leader, come Vayu with thought, to sacrifice, Propitious with propitious teams! 32 With all the thousand chariots that are thine, O Vayu, come to us, Team drawn, to drink the Soma juice.
yvs.28 26 Let the Priest sacrifice to Soma, Indra, adorable, adored, best Vritra slayer, strength giver, might, to be adored with viands, Bringing him mighty power, Anushtup metre, a cow of thirty months, and vital vigour.
yvs.29 From Soma thou art thoroughly divided.
yvs.29 47 The Brahmans, and the Fathers meet for Soma draughts, and, graciously inclined, unequalled Heaven and Earth.
yvs.29 May Soma kindly speak to us, and Aditi protect us well.
yvs.29 58 The black necked victim belongs to Agni; the ewe to Sarasvati; the brown victim is Soma s; the dusky Pushan s; the white backed is Brihaspati s; the dappled belongs to the All Gods; the red to Indra; the spotted to the Maruts; the strong bodied to Indra Agni; one with white marks below to Savitar; to Varuna a black ram with one white foot 59 To Agni Anikavan is sacrificed a red marked ox; two with white spots below are for Savitar; two with silvery navels for Pushan; two yellow hornless he goats for the All Gods; a spotted one for the Maruts; the black faced he goat is Agni s; the ewe is Sarasvati s; the ram is Varuna s.
yvs.33 10 With the All Gods, with Indra and with Vayu drink the Soma mead, O Agni, after Mitra s laws.
yvs.33 25 Come, Indra, and delight thee with the juice at all the Soma feasts, Conqueror, mighty in thy strength.
yvs.33 In Indra, yea, in him victorious through his might, the Gods have joyed at feast and when the Soma flowed.
yvs.33 30 May the Bright God drink glorious Soma mingled mead, giving the sacrifice s lord uninjured life; He who, wind urged, in person guard our offspring well, hath nourished them with food and shone over many a land.
yvs.33 63 Drink Soma, Indra, handed with the Maruts who, Boon Lord! strengthened thee at Ahi s slaughter, against Sambara, Lord of Bays! in winning cattle, and now rejoice in thee, the holy singers.
yvs.33 Drive on thy team and come thou hither, Vayu: drink for thy rapture of the sap of Soma.
yvs.34 18 The friends who offer Soma long to find thee: they pour forth Soma and present their viands.
yvs.34 20 Invincible in fight, saviour in battles, guard of our camp, winner of light and water, Born amid hymns, well housed, exceeding famous, victor, in thee may we rejoice, O Soma.
yvs.34 21 To him who worships Soma gives a milch cow, a fleet steed, and a man of active knowledge, Skilled in home duties, competent in council, meet for the court, the glory of his father.
yvs.34 22 These herbs, these milch kine, and these running waters, all these, O Soma, thou hast generated.
yvs.34 23 Do thou, God Soma, with thy God like spirit, victorious, win for us a share of riches.
yvs.34 34 Agni at dawn, and Indra we invoke at dawn, and Varuna and Mitra and the Asvins twain, Bhaga at dawn, Pushan and Brahmanaspati, Soma at dawn, Rudra may we invoke at dawn.
yvs.36 Indra and Pushan be our help in battle, Indra and Soma give health, strength, and comfort.
yvs.38 18 Gharma, that heavenly light of thine in Gayatri, in the Soma store, May it increase and be confirmed for thee, that light.

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