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yvs.11 Bearing Purishya Agni on, let him not perish ere his time, Male bearer of male Agni, Child of Waters, Offspring of the Sea.
yvs.15 Sea metre.
yvs.17 60 Steer, Sea, Red Bird with strong wings, he hath entered the dwelling place of the Primeval Father.
yvs.23 47 What lustre is like Surya s light? What lake is equal to the Sea?
yvs.23 What is more spacious than the Earth? What thing is that which naught can mete? 48 Brahma is lustre like the Sea.
yvs.23 Heaven is a flood to match the Sea.
yvs.24 21 To the Sea he sacrifices porpoises; to Parjanya frogs; to the Waters fishes; to Mitra Kulipayas; to Varuna crocodiles.
yvs.24 30 To Prajapati and to Vayu a Gayal is to be offered; to Varuna a wild ram; to Yama a black ram; to a human king a monkey; to the Tiger a red doe; to the Bull a female Gayal, to the Kshiprasyena a quail; to the Nilangu a worm; to the Sea a porpoise; to the Snowy Mountain an elephant.
yvs.24 35 The book belongs to the Moon; iguana, Kalaka, woodpecker, these belong to the Vanaspatis; the cock belongs to Savitar; the swan is Vata s; crocodile, dolphin, Kulipaya, these belong to the Sea; the porcupine to Modesty.
yvs.25 I gratify Clouds with his aorta; Firmament with his pericardium; Mist with his belly; the two Chakravakas with his cardiac bones; Sky with his kidneys; Mountains with his ducts; hocks with his spleen; Ant hills with his lungs; Shrubs with his heart vessels; Streams with his veins; Lakes with his flanks; Sea with his belly; Vaisvanara with his ashes.

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