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yvs.10 Pankti be thy keeper, Sakvara, Raivata the pair of Samans, Praise songs the thirty threefold and thrice ninefold, both seasons, Winter, Dews, that treasure lustre.
yvs.15 Sakvara and Raivata Samans being substituted for the corresponding names.
yvs.18 Richas and Samans are his Apsarases, called Wishings.
yvs.20 12 May the first Gods with the second, the second with the third, the third with Truth, Truth with Sacrifice, Sacrifice with sacrificial texts, sacrificial texts with Samans, Samans with praise verses, praise verses with fore and after sentences.
yvs.34 5 Wherein the Richas, Samans, Yajur verses, like spokes within a car s nave, are included, And all the thought of creatures is inwoven, may that, my mind, be moved by right intention.

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