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yvs.4 Crossing by Rik, by Saman, and by Yajus, may we rejoice in food and growth of riches.
yvs.4 9 Rik s, Saman s counterparts are ye.
yvs.10 Be thy protectors Trishtup, the Brihat Saman, the fifteenfold praise song, the Reason Summer, and the treasure Kingship. 12 Ascend the West.
yvs.12 The Vamadevya Saman is thy form, the Yajnayajniya thy tail, the fire hearths are thy hooves.
yvs.15 The Rathantara Saman establish thee in the sky for secure station.
yvs.15 The Brihat Saman establish thee in the sky, etc.
yvs.15 The Vairupa Saman establish thee, etc.
yvs.15 Vairaja Saman for the corresponding names).
yvs.29 60 To Agni of the Gayatri, of the Trivrit hymn and of the Rathantara Saman is to be offered a rice cake on eight potsherds; to Indra of the Trishtup, the Panchadasa hymn and the Brihat Saman one on eleven potsherds; to the All Gods of the Jagati, the Seventeenfold hymn and the Vairupa Saman, one on twelve potsherds; to Mitra Varuna of the Anushtup, the Ekavimsa hymn, and the Vairaja Saman, a mess of curdled milk; to Brihaspati of the Pankti metre, the Trinava hymn, and the Sakvara Saman, an oblation of rice boded in milk; to Savitar of the Ushnih, the Thirty threefold hymn, and the Raivata Saman, a rice cake on eight potsherds; a mess of boiled rice is to be made for Prajapati; the same for Vishnu s Consort Aditi; to Agni Vaisvanara is to be offered a rice cake on twelve potsherds, and to Anumati one on eight.

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