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yvs.1 Nor be thy Lord of Sacrifice unsteady.
yvs.1 Bright Waters, flowing forward, foremost drinkers, lead forward now this sacrifice, lead forward the Sacrifice s Lord, the God devoted Lord of the Sacrifice, the liberal giver.
yvs.2 Guard thou the Sacrifice, O Vishnu.
yvs.2 Keep thou the Sacrifice s Lord in safety.
yvs.2 Glory to thee, O Sacrifice, and increase! Stand firm in my auspicious, righteous worship. 20 O Agni of unweakened strength, far reaching, protect me from the lightning flash, protect me from bondage.
yvs.8 22 Go, Sacrifice, to the sacrifice: seek thou the sacrifice s lord, seek thine own home.
yvs.8 With thee let plants and waters be commingled, That, Lard of Sacrifice, we may adore thee with singing praise and telling forth our homage.
yvs.8 Pour, Sacrifice! in plenty on mine offspring: may I obtain prosperity for ever.
yvs.18 42 The Protecting, Strong winged, Sacrifice is the Gandharva.
yvs.19 Sacrifice! is the Dhayya s form, Pragathas the Yajamahas.
yvs.20 12 May the first Gods with the second, the second with the third, the third with Truth, Truth with Sacrifice, Sacrifice with sacrificial texts, sacrificial texts with Samans, Samans with praise verses, praise verses with fore and after sentences.
yvs.21 20 Tvashtar the wondrous, full of seed, Indragni furtherers of weal, Dvipada metre, and a cow and vigorous bull give power and life! 21 Our slaughterer, Vanaspati, Savitar who promoteth wealth, The metre Kakup, here, a cow who casts her calf, give power and life! 22 With Svaha mighty Varuna give healing power to Sacrifice! The Atichhandas, Brihat, and a steer and bull give power and life! 23 With the Spring Season may the Gods the Vasus praised with triple hymn And with Rathantara, give life to Indra, splendour, sacrifice.
yvs.30 12 For Light a wood bringer; for Brightness a fire kindler; for the Sun s Station a besprinkler; for Highest Heaven a high steward; for the World of Gods a carver; for the World of Men a distributer; for All Worlds a pourer out: for Poverty, Affliction a stirrer up of strife; for Sacrifice a washerwoman; for Delight a female dyer; 13 For Assault a thievish hearted man; for Homicide a slanderer; for Discrimination a door keeper; for Inspection a door keeper s attendant; for Strength a servant; for Plenty a running footman; for the Beloved a sweet speaker; for Safety the rider of a horse; for the World of Svarga a dealer out of portions; for Highest Heaven a high steward; 14 For Passion an iron smelter; for Anger a remover; for Yoking a yoker; for Pain an assailant; for Quiet an unyoker; for Up hill and Down hill one who stands on three legs; for Form a conceited man; for Virtue a female ointment maker; for Nirriti a female scabbard maker; for Yama a barren woman; 15 For Yama a mother of twins; for the Atharvans a woman who has miscarried; for the First Year a gad about; for the Parivatsara one who has not borne a child; for the Idavatsara one who exceeds; for the Idvatsara one who transgresses; for the Vatsara one who is worn out; for the Samvatsara one with grey hair; for the Ribhus a hide dresser; for the Sadhyas a currier; 16 For Lakes a fisherman; for Standing Waters a fisher; for Tank waters a Nishada; for Reed beds a fish vender; for the Opposite Bank one who gropes
yvs.31 6 From that great General Sacrifice the dripping fat was gathered up. He formed the creatures of the air and animals both wild and tame.
yvs.31 7 From that great General Sacrifice Richas and Sama hymns were born: Therefrom were spells and charms produced; the Yajus had its birth from it.

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