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yvs.2 On thee sit Vasus, Rudras, and adityas! 6 Thou who art called Juhu art rich in fatness.
yvs.2 For Rudras thee.
yvs.5 The Wise One guard thee from the rear with Rudras.
yvs.6 32 For Indra girt by Vasus and accompanied by Rudras, thee.
yvs.9 The Rudras by fourteen syllable metre won the fourteenfold Stoma: may I win that.
yvs.11 54 The Rudras, having mixed the earth, set all aglow the lofty light.
yvs.11 55 The lump of clay that hath been mixed by Vasus, Rudras, by the wise, May Sinivali with her hands soften and fit it for the work.
yvs.11 With Trishtup may the Rudras, like Angiras, form and fashion thee.
yvs.11 60 The Vasus make thee fragrant, as Angiras did, with Gayatri! The Rudras make thee fragrant with the Trishtup, as did Angiras! With Gayatri, like Angiras, may the adityas perfume thee.
yvs.11 Thee may the Rudras, Angiras like, fill with the Trishtup metre full.
yvs.12 To the Omnific One All hail! 14 Again let the adityas, Rudras, Yams, and Brahmans with their rites light thee, Wealth bringer! Increase thy body with presented butter: effectual be the Sacrificer s wishes.
yvs.14 Let Rudras, Vasus welcome thee with praises: fill full these prayers for our propitious fortune.
yvs.14 Associate with the Rudras, etc.
yvs.14 The Deity Rudras.
yvs.14 25 Thou art the share of the Vasus, the sovranty of the Rudras.
yvs.14 Vasus, Rudras, adityas followed separately, so they were over lords.
yvs.15 The bright Rudras are thine over lords.
yvs.16 6 That most auspicious One whose hue is coppery and red and brown, And those, the Rudras who maintain their station in the regions, who surround him in a thousand bands, of these we deprecate the wrath.
yvs.16 54 Innumerable thousands are the Rudras on the face of earth: Of all these Rudras we unbend the bows a thousand leagues away.
yvs.16 56 Rudras are dwelling in the sky, whose necks are blue, whose throats are white: Of these do we unbend the bows a thousand leagues away from us.
yvs.16 63 Rudras so many and still more, lodged in the quarters of the sky, etc.
yvs.16 64 Homage to Rudras, those whose home is sky, whose arrows floods of rain.
yvs.16 65 Homage to Rudras, those whose home is air, whose arrows is the rain.
yvs.16 66 Homage to Rudras, those whose home is earth, whose arrows is men s food.
yvs.20 81 With kine, Nasatyas! and with steeds, come, Asvins, Rudras! to the house, the sure protector of its men; 82 Such, wealthy Gods! as none afar or standing near to us may harm, yea, no malicious mortal foe.
yvs.21 24 With Summer may the Rudras, Gods, praised in the Panchadasa hymn With Brihat, give to Indra strength; with fame, and sacrifice and life.
yvs.21 Yea, let them eat amid the fodder of fields fresh with moisture, with their expanse of barley, limbs of those tasted by Agni, belonging to the Hundred Rudras, portions covered with fat, from the sides, from the thighs, from the fore feet from the chine.
yvs.22 23 Hail to the lunar asterisms! Hail to those connected with the lunar asterisms! Hail to Day and Night! Hail to the half months! Hail to the mouths! Hail to the Seasons! Hail to the Season groups! Hail to the Year! Hail to Heaven and Earth! Hail to the Moon! Hail to the Sun! Hail to his rays! Hail to the Vasus! Hail to the Rudras! Hail to the adityas! Hail to the Maruts! Earl to the All Gods! Hail to roots! Hail to branches! Hail to forest trees! Hail to flowers! Hail to fruits! Hail to herbs! 29 Hail to Earth! Hail to Firmament t Hail to Sky! Hail to Sun! Hail to Moon! Hail to lunar asterisms! Hail to waters! Hail to herbs! Hail to forest trees! Hail to creatures that swim! Hail to things moving and stationary! Hail to things that creep and crawl! 30 Hail to breath! Hail to the Vasu! Hail to the Mighty! Hail to Vivasvan! Hail to the trooping one! Hail to the Troop s Lord! Hail to the Superior! Hail to the Overlord! Hail to Strength! Hail to Samsarpa! Hail to the Moon! Hail to light! Hail to Malimlucha! Hail to him who flies by day! 31 Hail to Madhu! Hail to Madhava! Hail to Sukra! Hail to Suchi! Hail to Nabhas! Hail to Nabhasya! Hail to Isha! Hail to urja! Hail to Sahas! Hail to Sahasya! Hail to Tapas! Hail to Tapasya! Hail to Amhasaspati! 32 Hail to Strength! Hail to impulse! Hail to After born! Hail to will! Heaven, Hail? Hail to the head! Hail to Vyasnuvin! To the final, Hail! Hail to the mundane final! Hail to the Lord of the world! Hail to the Overlord! Hail to the
yvs.23 Let the Rudras anoint thee with Trishtup metre.
yvs.24 27 To the Vasus he sacrifices black bucks; to the Rudras stags; to the adityas Nyanku deer; to the All Gods spotted deer; to the Sadhyas Kulinga antelopes, 28 To isana he sacrifices wild asses; to Mitra Gauras; to Varuna buffaloes; to Brihaspati Gayals; to Tvashtar camels.
yvs.25 6 The shoulders belong to the Maruts; the first rib cartilages to the All Gods; the second to the Rudras; the third to the adityas; the tail belongs to Vayu; the hind quarters to Agni Soma.
yvs.28 Let him be seated on the grass with Vasus and Rudras and adityas for companions.
yvs.28 One, Bharati, hath touched the sky, Sarasvati the sacrifice with Rudras, and, enriched with wealth, Ida the homesteads of the folk.
yvs.29 8 Bharati with adityas love our worship! Sarasvati with Rudras be our helper, And Ida in accord, invoked with Vasus! Goddesses, place our rite among the Immortals.
yvs.33 49 Indra, Agni, Mitra, Varuna, Aditi, the Waters, Mountains, Maruts, Sky, and Earth and Heaven, Vishnu I call, Pushan and Brahmanaspati, and Bhaga, Samsa, Savitar that they may help. 50 With us are raining Rudras, clouds accordant in call to battle at the death of Vritra, The strong, assigned to him who sings and praises.
yvs.34 Vasus, adityas, Rudras have exalted me, made me preminent, mighty, thinker, sovran lord.
yvs.38 Thee with Svaha to Indra Lord of Rudras.

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