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yvs.7 46 This day may it he mine to find a Brahman sprung from a lauded father and grandfather, Offspring of Rishis and himself a Rishi, the fit recipient of priestly guerdon.
yvs.13 The Rishi Vasishtha.
yvs.13 The Rishi Bharadvaja.
yvs.13 The Rishi Jamadagni.
yvs.13 The Rishi Visvamitra.
yvs.13 The Rishi Visvakarman.
yvs.14 Wave and drop of waters art thou; and Visvakarman is thy Rishi.
yvs.17 17 He who sate down as Hotar priest, the Rishi, our Father offering, up all things existent He, seeking with his wish a great possession, came among men on earth as archetypal.
yvs.21 61 Thee, to day, O Rishi, Rishi s son, descendant of Rishis, hath this Sacrificer chosen for many collected, saying: This Agni() shall win by sacrifice for me choice worthy treasures among the Gods.
yvs.28 Thee, to day, O Rishi, etc.
yvs.28 Thee, to day, O Rishi, etc.

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