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yvs.15 44 Agni, with lauds this day may we bring thee that which thou lovest, Right judgment, like a horse, with our devotions.
yvs.17 80 Purely Bright, Wonderfully Bright, Really Bright, All Luminous, Bright, Law s Protector, Safe from Ill; 81 Such, Other Looking, Equal, Similar, Measured, Commensurate, Jointly Bearing up. 82 Right, Real, Firm, Strong to Support, Bearer, Disposer, Manager.
yvs.17 83 Winner of Right, Winner of Truth, Host Conquering, Lord of Goodly Host, Whose Friends are Near at Hand, Whose Banded Enemies are Far Away:
yvs.19 70 Right gladly do we set thee down, right gladly make thee burn and glow.

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