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yvs.2 Thou art the Rakshasas allotted portion.
yvs.5 Here I cut the necks of Rakshasas away.
yvs.5 Here I cut the necks of Rakshasas away.
yvs.6 Here I cut the necks of Rakshasas away.
yvs.15 Yatudhanas are his weapon, Rakshasas his missile weapon; to them be homage, etc.
yvs.15 37 O Agni, shining of thyself by night and when the morning breaks, Burn, thou whose teeth are sharp, against the Rakshasas.
yvs.24 40 The Khanga is the All Gods the black dog, the long eared, the ass, the hyena, these are the Rakshasas; the boar is for Indra; the lion is for the Maruts; the chameleon, the Pipoaka, the vulture, these belong to Saravya; the spotted antelope belongs to the All Gods.
yvs.25 9 I gratify Separation with his navel; Butter with his flavour; the Waters with his broth; Sunbeams with his drops of fat; Hoar frost with his heat; Ice with his marrow; Hailstones with his tears; Thunderbolts with the rheum of his eyes; Rakshasas with his blood; Bright things with his limbs; Stars with his beauty; Earth with his skin.
yvs.34 Driving off Rakshasas and Yatudhanas, the God is present, praised in hymns at evening.

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