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yvs.22 22 O Brahman, let there be born in the kingdom the Brahman illustrious for religious knowledge; let there be born the Rajanya, heroic, skilled archer, piercing with shafts, mighty warrior; the cow giving abundant milk; the ox good at carrying; the swift courser; the industrious woman.
yvs.30 5 For Brahman Priesthood() he binds a Brahman to the stake; for Kshatra Royalty() a Rajanya; for the Maruts a Vaisya; for Penance a Sudra; for Darkness a robber; for Hell a homicide or a man who has lost his consecrated fire; for Misfortune a eunuch; for Venality an Ayogu; for Kama a harlot; for Excessive Noise a Magadha;
yvs.31 What was his mouth? what were his arms? what are the names of thighs and feet? 11 The Brahman was his mouth, of both his arms was the Rajanya made.

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