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yvs.23 51 What are the things which Purusha hath entered? What things hath Purusha contained within him? This riddle we propound to thee, O Brahman.
yvs.23 Why dost thou give no answer to my question? 52 Within five things hath Purusha found entrance; these Purusha hath within himself connected.
yvs.31 2 Purusha is in truth this All, what hath been and what yet shall be; Lord, too, of immortality which waxes greater still by food.
yvs.31 3 So mighty in his grandeur; yea, greater than this is Purusha.
yvs.31 4 With three fourths Purusha rose up: one fourth of him again was here.
yvs.31 5 From him Viraj was born; again Purusha from Viraj was born.
yvs.31 9 They balmed as victim on the grass Purusha born in earliest time.
yvs.31 10 When they divided Purusha how many portions did they make?
yvs.31 14 When Gods performed the sacrifice with Purusha as offering Spring was the butter, Autumn the oblation, Summer was the wood.
yvs.31 15 Then seven were his enclosing sticks, his kindling brands were three times seven, When Gods, performing sacrifice, bound as their victim Purusha.
yvs.31 18 I know this mighty Purusha whose colour is like the Sun, beyond the reach of darkness.
yvs.32 2 All twinklings of the eyelid sprang from Purusha, resplendent One.

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