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yvs.11 From the earth s seat bring thou Purishya Agni, as Angiras was wont, with Trishtup metre.
yvs.11 16 From the Earth s seat, like Anginas, bring thou Purishya Agni forth.
yvs.11 After the wont of Angiras we to Purishya Agni go.
yvs.11 Agni Purishya we will bear after the went of Angiras.
yvs.11 28 At Savitar s, the Shining One s, impulsion, with arms of Asvins and with hands of Pushan, As Angiras was wont to do, I dig thee forth from the seat of Earth, Agni Purishya.
yvs.11 Thee, Agni, luminous and fair of aspect, resplendent with imperishable lustre, gracious to living creatures, never harming, As Angiras was wont to do, we dig thee forth from the seat of Earth, Agni Purishya.
yvs.11 Do ye; expansive, cover him: bear ye Purishya Agni up. 31 Cover him, finders of the light, united both with breast and self, Bearing between you Agni, the refulgent, everlasting One.
yvs.11 32 Thou art Purishya, thou support of all.
yvs.11 Bearing Purishya Agni on, let him not perish ere his time, Male bearer of male Agni, Child of Waters, Offspring of the Sea.
yvs.11 As Angiras was wont to do, we bear Purishya Agni on.
yvs.11 Do thou Purishya, Agni, loved of many, overcome our foes.
yvs.12 50 May the Purishya Agnis in accord with those that spring from floods, May they, benevolent, accept the sacrifice, full, wholesome draughts.
yvs.12 Be thou our Sovran Lord, Agni Purishya; give food and vigour to the Sacrificer.
yvs.12 59 Thou art Purishya Agni, thou art wealthy, thou art prosperous.
yvs.12 61 Even as a mother bears her son, Earth, Ukha hath borne within her womb Purishya Agni.

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