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yvs.7 21 Soma flows pure, Soma flows pure for this Priesthood, for the Nobility, pure for the worshipper who presses out the juice, flows pure for food and energy, for waters and for plants; flows pure for general prosperity.
yvs.10 May Gayatri protect thee, the psalm Rathantara, the triple praise song, the season Spring, and the rich treasure, Priesthood.
yvs.14 The Priesthood is saved; the Trivrit Stoma.
yvs.14 With three they praised; the Priesthood was created.
yvs.18 May he protect this our Priesthood and Nobility.
yvs.18 44 Lord of the World, Prajapati, whose are the homes above and here, Give great protection unto these, the Priesthood and Nobility.
yvs.30 5 For Brahman Priesthood() he binds a Brahman to the stake; for Kshatra Royalty() a Rajanya; for the Maruts a Vaisya; for Penance a Sudra; for Darkness a robber; for Hell a homicide or a man who has lost his consecrated fire; for Misfortune a eunuch; for Venality an Ayogu; for Kama a harlot; for Excessive Noise a Magadha;
yvs.38 Overflow for the Priesthood.
yvs.39 11 To Effort Svaha! To Exertion Svaha! To Endeavour Svaha! To Viyasa Svaha! To Attempt Svaha! 12 To Grief Svaha! To the Grieving Svaha! To the Sorrowing Svaha! To Sorrow Svaha! To Heat Svaha! To him who grows hot Svaha! To him who is being heated Svaha! To him who has been heated Svaha! To Gharma Svaha! To Atonement Svaha! To Expiation Svaha! To Remedy Svaha! 13 To Yama Svaha! To the Finisher Svaha! To Death Svaha! To the Priesthood Svaha! To Brahmanicide Svaha! To the All Gods Svaha! To Heaven and Earth Svaha!

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