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yvs.4 Gracious to me be these Celestial Waters! Protect me, Plant.
yvs.5 Plant, guard!! Axe, do not harm it! 43 Graze not the sky.
yvs.6 Plant, guard! Axe, do not harm him.
yvs.7 Truly fulfilled, O Plant divine, be that for which I pray to thee.
yvs.12 92 Of all the many Plants whose King is Soma, Plants of hundred forms, Thou art the Plant most excellent, prompt to the wish, sweet to the heart.
yvs.12 93 O all ye various Herbs whose King is Soma, that overspread the earth, Urged onward by Brihaspati, combine your virtue in this Plant.
yvs.12 97 Most excellent of all art thou, O Plant: thy vassals are the trees.
yvs.12 King Soma, knowing thee, O Plant, from his Consumption was made free.
yvs.12 Conquer thou all unhappiness: victorious art thou, O Plant.
yvs.12 101 Long lived be he who digs thee, Plant, and he for whom I dig thee up. So mayst thou also, grown long lived, rise upward with a hundred shoots.
yvs.12 102 Most excellent of all art thou, O Plant; thy vassals are the trees.

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