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yvs.12 80 He who hath store of Herbs at hand like Kings amid a crowd of men, Physician is that sage s name, fiend slayer, chaser of disease.
yvs.16 5 The Advocate, the first divine Physician, hath defended us.
yvs.19 12 The Asvins, the Physicians, Gods, stretched out the healing sacrifice, Sarasvati with speech was a Physician, all with heroic powers investing Indra.
yvs.19 82 His inner shape Sarasvati arranges and, borne on bright paths, the Physician Asvins: With Masaras and sieve his bone and marrow, as on the Oxen s hide they lay the liquor.
yvs.21 A ram with Sura a salutary remedy, Sarasvati the Physician, the golden car of the Asvins, the victim s omentum, with jujube fruit, Indra grains, and rice sprouts, become a salutary remedy, the manly strength of Indra, milk, Soma.
yvs.21 Sarasvati the Physician yields medicine to Indra, milk, Soma.
yvs.21 36 Let the Hotar worship the two divine Hotars, the Physician Asvins, and Indra.
yvs.21 Watchfully by day and night Sarasvati as Physician, with balms, with lead, yields strength and power.
yvs.21 38 Let the Hotar worship Tvashtar full of good seed, the Bull active for men, Indra, the Asvins, Sarasvati the Physician.
yvs.21 Sarasvati the Physician yields wrath and power to Indra.
yvs.21 Svishtakrit has been well worshipped, Indra Good Deliverer, Savitar, Varuna the Physician have been worshipped.
yvs.28 9 Let the Priest worship Tvashtar radiant Indra, Physician good at sacrifice, graced with butter, Multiform and prolific, rich and bounteous.

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