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yvs.2 32 Obeisance to your genial sap, O Fathers! Fathers, obeisance unto you for Ardour! Fathers, obeisance Onto you for Svadha! Obeisance unto you for Life, O Fathers! Fathers, to you obeisance for the Awful! Fathers, obeisance unto you for Passion! O Fathers, unto you be adoration.
yvs.21 39 Let the Hotar worship Vanaspati the Immolator, the Lord of Hundred Powers, and awful Passion, the King, the Tiger, and the Asvins, with reverence.
yvs.21 57 Strewn, soft as wool, in sacrifice, with Asvins and Sarasvati, The sacred robe of water plants be, Indra, a fair seat for thee! Together with the sacred grass limy they, for sovranty, bestow King Passion and great power on thee.
yvs.24 33 The female crane is Surya s; Sarga, Srijays, Sayandaka, these are Mitra s; to Sarasvati belongs the human voiced Maina; to Ground the porcupine; tiger, wolf, viper belong to Passion; to Sarasvan the human voiced parrot.
yvs.30 12 For Light a wood bringer; for Brightness a fire kindler; for the Sun s Station a besprinkler; for Highest Heaven a high steward; for the World of Gods a carver; for the World of Men a distributer; for All Worlds a pourer out: for Poverty, Affliction a stirrer up of strife; for Sacrifice a washerwoman; for Delight a female dyer; 13 For Assault a thievish hearted man; for Homicide a slanderer; for Discrimination a door keeper; for Inspection a door keeper s attendant; for Strength a servant; for Plenty a running footman; for the Beloved a sweet speaker; for Safety the rider of a horse; for the World of Svarga a dealer out of portions; for Highest Heaven a high steward; 14 For Passion an iron smelter; for Anger a remover; for Yoking a yoker; for Pain an assailant; for Quiet an unyoker; for Up hill and Down hill one who stands on three legs; for Form a conceited man; for Virtue a female ointment maker; for Nirriti a female scabbard maker; for Yama a barren woman; 15 For Yama a mother of twins; for the Atharvans a woman who has miscarried; for the First Year a gad about; for the Parivatsara one who has not borne a child; for the Idavatsara one who exceeds; for the Idvatsara one who transgresses; for the Vatsara one who is worn out; for the Samvatsara one with grey hair; for the Ribhus a hide dresser; for the Sadhyas a currier; 16 For Lakes a fisherman; for Standing Waters a fisher; for Tank waters a Nishada; for Reed beds a fish vender; for the Opposite Bank one who gropes
yvs.39 Sarva with the two cardiac bones; isana with Passion; Mahadeva with the intercostal flesh; the Fierce God with the rectum; Vasishtha hanuh, Singis with two lumps of flesh near the heart.

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