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yvs.7 40 Indra, great in his power and might, and like Parjanya rich In rain, Is magnified by Vatsa s lauds.
yvs.18 Help us with rain sent from the sky, Parjanya, firmament, or earth.
yvs.22 May Parjanya send rain according to our desire; may our fruit bearing plants ripen; may acquisition and preservation of property be secured to us.
yvs.24 Long eared goats are for Yama; proud ones for Rudra; cloud coloured ones for Parjanya.
yvs.24 6 Black necked victims for Agni; white browed for the Vasus; red for Rudra; bright ones for the adityas; cloud coloured for Parjanya.
yvs.24 21 To the Sea he sacrifices porpoises; to Parjanya frogs; to the Waters fishes; to Mitra Kulipayas; to Varuna crocodiles.
yvs.24 34 The eagle is Parjanya s; the ati, the Vahasa, the wood pecker, these are for Vayu; for Brihaspati Lord of Speech is the Paingaraja; the Alaja belongs to Firmament; pelican, cormorant, fish, these belong to the Lord of Rivers; the tortoise belongs to Heaven and Earth.
yvs.36 Pleasantly, with a roar, the God Parjanya send the rain on us.

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