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yvs.3 Hail! 10 Accordant with bright Savitar and Night with Indra at her side, May Agni, being pleased, enjoy.
yvs.6 All hail! Go thou to Day and Night.
yvs.12 2 Night and Dawn, different in hue, accordant, meeting together, suckle one same infant.
yvs.14 Day and Night were Sovran Ladies.
yvs.17 70 Night and Dawn, different in hue, accordant, etc.
yvs.20 41 Dawn and Night, lofty, sapful, richly yielding, fair showing, as they weave with varied colour The long extended thread in concert, worship the God of Gods, the lofty Hero Indra.
yvs.20 61 Ye Asvins, Dawn and Night, by day and in the evening, fair of hue, Accordant, with Sarasvati, deck Indra with surpassing powers.
yvs.21 50 May Dawn and Night, the Goddesses, both Asvins, and Sarasvati Lay, with both Dawns, strength, voice within Indra the Good Deliverer s mouth.
yvs.22 23 Hail to the lunar asterisms! Hail to those connected with the lunar asterisms! Hail to Day and Night! Hail to the half months! Hail to the mouths! Hail to the Seasons! Hail to the Season groups! Hail to the Year! Hail to Heaven and Earth! Hail to the Moon! Hail to the Sun! Hail to his rays! Hail to the Vasus! Hail to the Rudras! Hail to the adityas! Hail to the Maruts! Earl to the All Gods! Hail to roots! Hail to branches! Hail to forest trees! Hail to flowers! Hail to fruits! Hail to herbs! 29 Hail to Earth! Hail to Firmament t Hail to Sky! Hail to Sun! Hail to Moon! Hail to lunar asterisms! Hail to waters! Hail to herbs! Hail to forest trees! Hail to creatures that swim! Hail to things moving and stationary! Hail to things that creep and crawl! 30 Hail to breath! Hail to the Vasu! Hail to the Mighty! Hail to Vivasvan! Hail to the trooping one! Hail to the Troop s Lord! Hail to the Superior! Hail to the Overlord! Hail to Strength! Hail to Samsarpa! Hail to the Moon! Hail to light! Hail to Malimlucha! Hail to him who flies by day! 31 Hail to Madhu! Hail to Madhava! Hail to Sukra! Hail to Suchi! Hail to Nabhas! Hail to Nabhasya! Hail to Isha! Hail to urja! Hail to Sahas! Hail to Sahasya! Hail to Tapas! Hail to Tapasya! Hail to Amhasaspati! 32 Hail to Strength! Hail to impulse! Hail to After born! Hail to will! Heaven, Hail? Hail to the head! Hail to Vyasnuvin! To the final, Hail! Hail to the mundane final! Hail to the Lord of the world! Hail to the Overlord! Hail to the
yvs.23 The slippery matron was the earth, Night was the reddish coloured one.
yvs.23 41 Let the Half months and let the Months, while sacrificing, flay thy limbs: Let Day and Night and Maruts mend each fault in sacrificing thee.
yvs.24 25 To Day he sacrifices doves; to Night Sichapus; to the Joints of Day and Night bats; to the Months gallinules; to the Year great eagles.
yvs.24 36 The Black doe belongs to Day; frog, female rat, partridge, these belong to the Serpents; the jackal belongs to the Asvins; the Black buck to Night; bear, bat, Sushilika, these belong to the Other Folk (i.
yvs.27 17 May Dawn and Night protect his heavenly Consorts in a his home this our sacrificial worship. 18 Ye two celestial Hotars, greet with praises this lofty rite of ours, the tongue of Agni.
yvs.28 6 Let the Priest sacrifice to Night and Morning, the teeming Cows of Indra, Mighty Mothers.
yvs.28 14 Morning and Night, the Goddesses, have called on Indra as the rite advanced.
yvs.28 Let them enjoy the butter. Hotar, worship. 29 Let the Priest worship lofty Night and Morning, well decked, of varied hue, lovely to look on, Indra the Universal, strength bestower, Bringing him mighty power, the Trishtup metre, a bullock four years old, and vital vigour.
yvs.28 37 Morning and Night, divine Ones, have strengthened bright Indra, strength giver, the Goddesses advanced the God, With the Anushtup laying power in Indra, strength and vital force.
yvs.29 31 Pouring sweet dews, let holy Night and Morning, each close to each, be seated at their station Lofty, celestial Dames, with gold to deck them, assuming all their fair and radiant beauty.
yvs.30 leper; for Day a white yellow eyed man; for Night a black man with yellow eyes.
yvs.31 22 Beauty and Fortune are thy wives: each side of thee are Day and Night.
yvs.33 When he hath loosed his horses from their station, straight over all Night spreadeth out her garment.
yvs.33 44 Soft to the tread the sacred grass is scattered: these go like Kings amid the band around them, At the folk s early call on Night and Morning, Vayu, and Pushan with his team to bless us.
yvs.34 32 Night! the terrestrial realm hath been filled with the Father s power and might.
yvs.37 All hail! May Night together with her sheen, fair lighted with her.
yvs.38 All hail! May Night together with her sheen, fair lighted with her light, accept.

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