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yvs.19 83 By thought Sarasvati with both Nasatyas forms lovely treasure and a beauteous body.
yvs.20 74 May those Nasatyas, fair of form, the Men who ride on paths of gold, Oblation rich Sarasvati, thou, Indra! help us in our rites.
yvs.20 81 With kine, Nasatyas! and with steeds, come, Asvins, Rudras! to the house, the sure protector of its men; 82 Such, wealthy Gods! as none afar or standing near to us may harm, yea, no malicious mortal foe.
yvs.21 33 Let the Hotar worship the wool soft Altar grass, the Physicians Nasatyas, the Physicians Asvins.
yvs.33 May both Nasatyas, Rudra, heavenly Matrons, Pushan, Sarasvati, Bhaga accept us.
yvs.33 58 Nasatyas, Wonder workers, yours are these libations with clipt grass.
yvs.34 47 Come, O Nasatyas, with the thrice eleven Gods: come, O ye Asvins, to the drinking of the meath.

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