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yvs.10 The head of Namuchi hath been cast from me.
yvs.10 33 Ye Asvins, Lords of Splendour, drank full draughts of grateful Soma juice, And aided Indra in his deeds with Namuchi of Asura birth.
yvs.19 34 That which Sarasvati poured out for Indra, by Asvins brought from Namuchi the demon, This flowing drop, brilliant and full of sweetness, I drink and feed on here, the King, the Soma.
yvs.19 71 Indra, with waters foam didst thou wrench off the head of Namuchi, Subduing all contending hosts.
yvs.20 59 The Asvins brought from Namuchi pressed Soma bright with foaming juice.
yvs.20 67 The Asvins and Sarasvati by wit from fiendish Namuchi Brought unto Indra sacred food, strength, brilliant treasure, ample wealth.
yvs.20 68 That Indra, strong through sacrifice by Asvins and Sarasvati, Cleft Vala through to win him wealth, with Namuchi of Asura birth.
yvs.20 71 Savitar, Varuna bestow gifts on the liberal offerer, Strength, power and treasure which the Good Protector took from Namuchi! 72 Varuna giving sway and power, Savitar grace with happiness, The Good Protector giving strength with fame, obtained the sacrifice.
yvs.20 76 Ye Asvins and Sarasvati, joint drinkers of the Sara draught, In Namuchi of Asura birth, give aid to Indra in his deeds.

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