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yvs.14 With thirteen they praised; the Months were created.
yvs.23 41 Let the Half months and let the Months, while sacrificing, flay thy limbs: Let Day and Night and Maruts mend each fault in sacrificing thee.
yvs.24 25 To Day he sacrifices doves; to Night Sichapus; to the Joints of Day and Night bats; to the Months gallinules; to the Year great eagles.
yvs.24 37 The cuckoo belongs to the Half Months; antelope, peacock, eagle, these are the Gandharvas; the otter belongs to the Months; tortoise, doe antelope, iguana, Golathika belong to the Apsarases; the black snake belongs to Death.
yvs.27 Prosper thy Dawns! Prosper thy Day and Nights! Prosper thy Half months, Months, Seasons, and Years! Combine them for their going and their coming, and send then forward on their ordered courses.

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