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yvs.19 14 atithya s sign is Masara, the Gharma s symbol Nagnahu.
yvs.20 66 Asvins, to Indra ye with cows, with Masara and foaming drink Gave, with Sarasvati All hail! the pressed out Soma juice and mead.
yvs.21 Strength and medicine to the Asvins and Indra are meath with jujube fruit, Masara with parched grain, milk, Soma.
yvs.21 At night and by day the Asvins with Sarasvati compose impetuous power, like healing balm, in Indra, like a falcon, Masara with light, thought, and grace.
yvs.21 Vigour, speed, power, a fierce wolf as physician, fame with Sura is a medicine, Masara with grace.
yvs.21 These your Somas, pressed, rejoicing with goats, rams, bulls, giving pleasure with rice shoots, young blades of corn, parched grain, joy givers adorned with Masara, bright, milky, immortal, presented, dropping honey.

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