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yvs.1 Stand thou firmly, secure by Law Supreme, and do not totter.
yvs.2 In the Law s lap they have sat down in safety Guard these.
yvs.3 23 Ruler of sacrifices, guard of Law eternal, radiant One, Increasing in thine own abode.
yvs.5 Thou art the seat of Law, heaven s light and lustre.
yvs.7 9 This Soma hath been shed for you, Law strengtheners, Mitra Varuna! Here listen ye to this my call.
yvs.9 18 Deep skilled in Law Eternal, wise, immortal, O Coursers, help us in each fray for booty.
yvs.9 39 Savitar quicken thee for sway of rulers, Agni of householders, of the trees Soma, Brihaspati of Speech, for lordship Indra, Rudra for cattle, Mitra for true speaking, Varuna for the sway of Law s protectors.
yvs.10 Informed are Mitra Varuna, Law Maintainers.
yvs.10 24 The Hamsa throned in light, the Vasu in mid air, the Priest beside the altar, Guest within the house, Dwelling in noblest place, mid men, in truth, in sky, born of flood, kine, truth, mountain, be is mighty Law.
yvs.10 26 Fair art thou, good to sit on, womb of kingship. Sit on the fair one, sit on that which offers a pleasant seat: sit in the womb of kingship. 27 Varuna, Law s maintainer, hath sat down among his people, he Most wise, for universal sway.
yvs.11 36 Accustomed to the Hotar s place, the Hotar hath seated him, bright, splendid, passing mighty, Whose foresight keeps the Law from violation, excellent, pure tongued, bringing thousands, Agni.
yvs.11 47 The Law the Truth, the Law the Truth.
yvs.12 14 The Hamsa homed in light, the Vasu in mid air, the Priest beside the altar, Guest within the house, Dweller in noblest place, mid men, in truth, in sky, born of flood, kine, truth, mountain, he is holy Law.
yvs.12 106 I from this place have fed on strength and vigour, the womb of holy Law, stream of the mighty.
yvs.13 27 The winds waft sweets, the rivers pour sweets for the man who keeps the Law: So may the plants be sweet for us.
yvs.17 3 Ye are the Seasons, strengthening Law, fixed in due season, strengthening Law, Called Splendid, dropping butter down and honey, yielders of every wish, imperishable.
yvs.17 78 I dedicate the thought with mind and butter so that the Gods may come who love oblation, strengthing Law, To Visvakarman, Lord of all the earth, I offer up day after day the inviolable sacrifice.
yvs.17 80 Purely Bright, Wonderfully Bright, Really Bright, All Luminous, Bright, Law s Protector, Safe from Ill; 81 Such, Other Looking, Equal, Similar, Measured, Commensurate, Jointly Bearing up. 82 Right, Real, Firm, Strong to Support, Bearer, Disposer, Manager.
yvs.18 38 Maintainer of Law, true by nature, Agni is the Gandharva.
yvs.19 65 May Agni, Kavya bearer, who hath worshipped Fathers true to Law.
yvs.19 By Law came truth and Indra power, the pure bright drinking off of juice.
yvs.19 By Law came truth, etc.
yvs.19 By Law, etc.
yvs.19 By Law, etc.
yvs.19 By Law, etc.
yvs.19 By Law, etc.
yvs.19 By Law, etc.
yvs.19 By Law, etc.
yvs.20 2 Varuna, Law s maintainer, hath sat down, etc.
yvs.21 11 Deep skilled in Law, etc.
yvs.22 2 This girdle, which in their religious meetings sages assumed in earlier time of worship, Is present with us here at this libation, in the Law s hymn, proclaiming rich abundance.
yvs.26 Fulfilled be this my hope: be that my portion! 3 Give us, Brihaspati, that wondrous treasure, that which exceeds the merit of the foeman, Which shines among the folk effectual, splendid, that, Son of Law, which is with might refulgent.
yvs.28 28 Let the Priest worship the wide opening Portals, easy to pass, divine, Law strengthening, golden, Indra, the Brahman Priest, the strength bestower,
yvs.29 Here have I seen the auspicious reins that guide thee, which those who guard the holy Law keep safely.
yvs.29 Guard us from evil, Pushan! guard us strengtheners of Law! let not the evil wisher master us.
yvs.30 Knowledge an inquisitive man; for Desire of extra Knowledge an extra inquisitive man; for Moral Law a question solver; 11 For Eye diseases an elephant keeper; for Speed a horse keeper; for Nourishment a cowherd; for Manliness a shepherd; for Keenness a goatherd; for Refreshment a ploughman; for Sweet Beverage a preparer of Sura; for Weal a house guard; for Well being a possessor of wealth; for Supervision a doorkeeper s attendant;
yvs.34 All Gods Law strengtheners, invoked and lauded, and Texts recited by the sages, help us! 54 These hymns that drop down fatness, with the ladle I ever offer to the Kings adityas.

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