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yvs.12 80 He who hath store of Herbs at hand like Kings amid a crowd of men, Physician is that sage s name, fiend slayer, chaser of disease.
yvs.27 5 Kind to the people, grasp thy power, O Agni: contend thou with the Friend by way of friendship. Placed, Agni, in the centre of our kinsmen, flash forth to be invoked by Kings around thee.
yvs.33 44 Soft to the tread the sacred grass is scattered: these go like Kings amid the band around them, At the folk s early call on Night and Morning, Vayu, and Pushan with his team to bless us.
yvs.34 All Gods Law strengtheners, invoked and lauded, and Texts recited by the sages, help us! 54 These hymns that drop down fatness, with the ladle I ever offer to the Kings adityas.

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