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yvs.4 He, King Supreme, approached all living creatures.
yvs.6 From every place, King Varuna, thence save us.
yvs.6 26 Descend, O Soma, King, to all thy people.
yvs.7 24 Him, messenger of earth and head of heaven, Agni Vaisvanara, born in holy Order, The Sage, the King, the Guest of men, a vessel fit for their mouths, the Gods have generated.
yvs.7 Pour down the wave of meath within thy belly thou art the King of juices shed fortnightly.
yvs.8 King Vat tins hath made a spacious pathway, a pathway for the Sun wherein to travel.
yvs.9 From olden time the King moves round, well knowing, strengthening all the people and our welfare.
yvs.9 26 As suppliants, for aid we grasp Soma the King, and Agni, the adityas, Vishnu, Surya, and the Brahman priest Brihaspati.
yvs.9 This is your King, ye Tribesmen.
yvs.9 Soma is Lord and King of us the Brahmans.
yvs.10 30 I creep forth urged onward by Savitar the Impeller; by Sarasvati, Speech; by Tvashtar, created forms; by Pushan, cattle; by this Indra; by Brihaspati, Devotion; by Varuna, Power; by Agni, Brilliance; by Soma, the King; by Vishnu the tenth Deity.
yvs.12 22 The spring of glories and support of riches, rouser of thoughts and guardian of the Soma, Good Son of Strength, a King amid the waters, in forefront of the Dawns he shines enkindled.
yvs.12 92 Of all the many Plants whose King is Soma, Plants of hundred forms, Thou art the Plant most excellent, prompt to the wish, sweet to the heart.
yvs.12 93 O all ye various Herbs whose King is Soma, that overspread the earth, Urged onward by Brihaspati, combine your virtue in this Plant.
yvs.12 96 With Soma as their Sovran Lord the Plants hold colloquy and say: O King, we save from death the man whose cure a Brahman undertakes.
yvs.12 King Soma, knowing thee, O Plant, from his Consumption was made free.
yvs.13 8 Or those that are in heaven s bright sphere, or those that dwell in the Sun s beams: Serpents, whose home has been prepared in waters, homage unto them! 9 Put forth like a wide spreading net thy vigour: go like a mighty King with his attendants.
yvs.17 41 Ours be the potent host of mighty Indra, King Varuna, and Maruts, and adityas.
yvs.17 49 Thy vital parts I cover with thine armour: with immortality King Soma clothe thee.
yvs.19 34 That which Sarasvati poured out for Indra, by Asvins brought from Namuchi the demon, This flowing drop, brilliant and full of sweetness, I drink and feed on here, the King, the Soma.
yvs.19 35 Whatever portion of the savoury fluid is clinging here, what Indra drank with powers, That drop thereof with pure and holy spirit I drink and feed upon, the King, the Soma.
yvs.19 72 King Soma, pressed, the Drink of Life, left Death behind with Soma dregs.
yvs.19 King Varuna with waters wealthy essence begetting Indra in the floods for glory.
yvs.20 Sumangala! Susloka! Satyarajan! 5 My head be grace, my mouth be fame, my hair and beard be brilliant sheen! My breath be King and deathlessness, mine eye Sole Lord, mine ear the Prince! 6 My tongue be bliss, my voice be might, my mind be wrath, my rage self lord! Joys be my fingers, and delight my members, conquering strength my friend!
yvs.20 Duty am I in legs and feet, established King among the folk.
yvs.20 32 The Sovran Lord of living things, he upon whom the worlds depend, Mighty, the mighty s King by him I take thee, take thee on myself.
yvs.21 39 Let the Hotar worship Vanaspati the Immolator, the Lord of Hundred Powers, and awful Passion, the King, the Tiger, and the Asvins, with reverence.
yvs.21 57 Strewn, soft as wool, in sacrifice, with Asvins and Sarasvati, The sacred robe of water plants be, Indra, a fair seat for thee! Together with the sacred grass limy they, for sovranty, bestow King Passion and great power on thee.
yvs.26 7 Still in Vaisvanara s grace may we continue: yea, he is King Supreme over all things living.
yvs.26 Shine mightily, thou rich in light! Like the Chief Consort of a King, riches and strength proceed from thee.
yvs.33 8 Him, messenger of earth and head of heaven, Agni Vaisvanara, born in holy Order, The Sage, the King, the Guest of men, a vessel fit for their mouths, the Gods have generated.
yvs.34 35 May we invoke strong early conquering Bhaga, the Son of Aditi, the great Arranger, Thinking of whom the poor, yea, even the mighty, even the King says, Let me share in Bhaga.

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