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yvs.3 2 To Agni Jatavedas, to the flame, the well enkindled God, Offer thick sacrificial oil.
yvs.11 17 Agni hath looked along the van of Mornings, looked on the days, the earliest Jatavedas, And many a time along the beams of Surya: along the heaven and earth hast thou extended.
yvs.12 16 Within this Fire pan with thy light, O Agni, in thy proper seat, Glowing with warmth, be gracious thou, O Jatavedas, unto her.
yvs.12 18 First Agni sprang to life from out of heaven, the second time from us came Jatavedas.
yvs.12 Winner of spoils in thousands like a courser, with prayer art thou exalted, Jatavedas.
yvs.12 109 O Jatavedas, Son of Strength, rejoice thyself, gracious, in our fair hymns and songs.
yvs.13 Hence engendered, forth from these wombs at first came Jatavedas.
yvs.15 DRIVE our born enemies away, O Agni; drive from us foes unborn, O Jatavedas.
yvs.15 Drive off with might our foemen born and living: keep off these yet unborn, O Jatavedas.
yvs.15 35 O Agni, thou who art the Lord of wealth in kine, the Son of Strength, Vouchsafe to us, O Jatavedas, high renown.
yvs.17 The streams of holy oil attain the fuel, and Jatavedas joyfully receives them.
yvs.18 Celestial Dwelling! treasure which Jatavedas shall bring hither.
yvs.19 Cleanse me all things that be! Do thou, O Jatavedas, make me clean.
yvs.19 67 Thou, Jatavedas, knowest well the number of Fathers who are here and who are absent, Of Fathers whom we know and whom we know not.
yvs.27 7 Holder of sway, shine here refulgent, Agni! invincible, unconquered Jatavedas.
yvs.27 22 Pay sacrifice to Indra, Jatavedas Agni! with Hail! All Gods accept the gift we offer! 23 Wise, bright, arranger of his teams, he seeketh men with rich food whose treasures are abundant.
yvs.29 DECKING the treasure house of prayers, O Agni, enkindled, pouring forth sweet tasted butter, Swift moving, bearing curd, O Jatavedas, bear what they love to the Gods habitation.
yvs.29 25 Thou in the house of man this day enkindled worshippest Gods, a God, O Jatavedas.
yvs.33 16 The Freedom of all Gods who merit worship, freely received as Guest in all men s houses, Agni who hath secured the Gods high favour, may he be gracious to us, Jatavedas.
yvs.34 15 In Ida s place, the centre of the earth, will we deposit thee, That, Agni Jatavedas, thou mayst bear our offerings to the Gods.
yvs.35 Here let this other, Jatavedas, carry oblation to the Deities, foreknowing.
yvs.35 20 Carry the fat to Fathers, Jatavedas, where, far away, thou knowest, them established.

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