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yvs.8 May it be mine to prosper the libations of thee Brihaspati s son, O radiant Soma, of thee, strong Indu, mated with thy Consorts.
yvs.19 So with oblation let us serve thee, Indu, and so let us become the lords of riches.
yvs.19 95 Splendour of victims, powerful oblation, honey and meath with milk and foaming liquor, Healing Sarasvati effused, and Asvins; from pressed and unpressed Soma, deathless Indu.
yvs.20 46 Indra the Bull, swift conqueror, wildly rushing bull like to meet the Indu of the droppings Delighting in a mind that scatters fatness, let the immortal Gods rejoice in Svaha.
yvs.33 62 Sing forth to Indu, O ye men, to him as he is purified, Fain to pay worship to the Gods.

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