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yvs.21 39 Let the Hotar worship Vanaspati the Immolator, the Lord of Hundred Powers, and awful Passion, the King, the Tiger, and the Asvins, with reverence.
yvs.21 Yea, let them eat amid the fodder of fields fresh with moisture, with their expanse of barley, limbs of those tasted by Agni, belonging to the Hundred Rudras, portions covered with fat, from the sides, from the thighs, from the fore feet from the chine.
yvs.22 All hail! 34 Hail to One! Hail to Two! Hail to Hundred! Hail to Hundred and One! Hail to Daybreak! Hail to Heaven!
yvs.26 Thee for Brihaspati, 4 Come hither, Indra, rich in kine! Drink Soma, Lord of Hundred Powers, Effused by braying pressing stones.
yvs.26 Drink Soma, Lord of Hundred Powers, Expressed with stones whose wealth is kine.
yvs.28 10 Let the Priest worship him, the Forest Sovran, the Immolator, Lord of Hundred Powers, the lover of the prayer, the friend of Indra.

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