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yvs.3 41 Fear not, nor tremble thou, O House.
yvs.3 I, bearing strength, intelligent and happy, come to thee, House, rejoicing in my spirit.
yvs.10 9 Visible, O ye men, Informed is Agni, Master of the House.
yvs.17 84 To day in this our sacrifice be present, Such, Looking Thus, Same, Similar in appearance, Measured, Commensurate, Joint Bearers, Maruts! 85 Self Powerful, Voracious One, Kin to the Sun, The House holder, Play Lover, Mighty, Conqueror.
yvs.20 11 May Deities, eleven threes, the three and thirty bounteous Ones Whose House Priest is Brihaspati, by impulse of bright Savitar, the Gods protect me with the Gods.

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