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yvs.9 Yea, Horses! at our praises of the Waters grow ye fleet and strong.
yvs.9 Starting to run your course, winners of riches, smell ye Brihaspati s portion, O ye Horses.
yvs.20 89 Approach, O Indra, hasting thee, Lord of Bay Horses, to the prayer: in our libations take delight.
yvs.29 43 Upstanding in the Car the skilful Charioteer guides his strong Horses on whithersover he will.
yvs.29 See and admire the strength of those controlling Reins which from behind declare the will of him who drives 44 Horses whose hoofs rain dust are neighing loudly, yoked to the Chariots, showing forth their vigour.
yvs.34 19 Not far for thee are mid air s loftiest regions: start hither, Lord of Bays, with both Bay Horses.

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